Patrick McHenry Speaking in Support of the Crowdfunding — JOBS Act

Written by Ramon Nuez

Yesterday was a big day for crowdfunding. While it is supported by the Senate, House and President; there are many within the government and private sector that see crowdfunding as problematic. One of the main supporters of crowdfunding is Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) and he thinks that crowdfunding is an excellent financial tool for entrepreneurs — I happen to agree.

I think that this video provides some nice insight on the process behind the support of the JOBS Act — more specifically crowdfunding. Once you are done watching this, 4 minute, video let me know what you are thinking.

Crowd Sessions Corporate Crowdfunding


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About Author

About Author

Ramon Nuez

Ramon Nuez is a founder, fine arts photographer, digital artist, writer and wannabe harmonica player.

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