Smart cities, big data, platforms, and crowds, so what’s next? As we live in the age of abundance, how can we really take advantage of these resources? How are we going to face the future with technology and the crowds as the front liners? Find out and chime in your thoughts in our second round of #crowdchat with Theo Priestley on Tuesday, Oct 6 at 8 pm CET, giving you a sneak peek of the cutting edge content and discussions on the crowd economy. Theo will also join us at the CSWEurope2015 to moderate a panel on Day 3: Evolve Europe: Smart Cities & Mobility, October 21.

#Crowdchat is a great way to join in on the conversation, gain visibility and connect with like-minded professionals. If you are a thought leader, practitioner, influencer or merely curious why the crowd is an engine of growth in today’s open, connected and transparent world, tune in for these discussions:

When: October 6, 8:00 PM, CET

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csweurope2015-theopriestlyTheo is a technology strategist, evangelist and analyst, advising vendors and end-clients on how technology and digital trends will disrupt their business models and customers. Regarded thought leader in BPM, Big Data, Analytics, FinTech, Internet of Things, Digital Enterprise, Wearables, Mobile, and Social.

He gives keynotes and conference talks worldwide on tech trends, write for Forbes, and he’s obsessed with weaving the impacts of current and future disruptive tech into stories and driving content led marketing initiatives that everyone can digest and engage in. You won’t find BS jargon here.

He also mentors early to mid-stage enterprise software startups on go-to-market, product and marketing strategies. Formerly Chief Technology Evangelist at Software AG, with a 20-year career in business process and enterprise IT transformation and almost a decade as an independent industry analyst.

Here are some of the questions we will be asking Theo:

  1. What are your 3 predictions for a future when crowds and tech collide?
  2. Which vertical will be disrupted the most? How?
  3. Regulations cannot keep up with technology? Where should government begin?
  4. Do you see a solution for Europe’s war on @Uber?

And many more…

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Get ready to jump on many of the above conversations at CSW Europe in Brussels, Oct 19-23, 2015. Take a look at the agenda and don’t miss the opportunity to network and connect with the best European minds on the crowd economy.