Crowdsourcing has most certainly been getting a great deal of attention over the past few years. And perhaps the origins of that attention can be traced back to Jeff Howe or Barry Libert or perhaps James Surowiecki or even David Bratvold.

David is the CEO and founder of the Daily Crowdsource. I first met David about a month and we talked about — what else — crowdsourcing. I was so intrigued by David that I asked him for an interview and we talked about the Daily Crowdsource and Crowdopolis.

“We’ve been getting inquiries from people that want to learn the crowdsourcing space from a neutral party.  Being the largest neutral voice in crowdsourcing, we’ve been wanting to hold a conference for about a year and a half. So here we are!” — David Bratvold.

So Crowdopolis is taking place on Thursday, July 19, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PT) in Los Angeles, CA. And the crowdsourcing conversations will focus on technology, content marketing and advertising.

crowdopolisThe list of presenters is impressive — Lisa Kennedy, Director of Strategic Marketing at GE, Sharon Chiarella, Vice President at Amazon and Kirsten Kuehl, Senior Manager at Nokia — and many more. And the topics will most certainly ignite great conversations — How Crowdsourcing Aims to Cure Cancer (It Takes a Village), You Don’t Have to Beta Test Anymore and Social Forecasting: The Crowd Can Predict The Future — I counted nearly 2 dozen intersting topics.

Plus it appears that during the after party we will “witness the launch of a brand new crowdsourcing company.” Well, I wonder what Bratvold has up his sleeve?

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So if you are a forward thinking bigwig and want to get some of the best advice, from some of the best in the crowdsourcing space — you will need to register for this event.


Image Credit: The Daily Crowdsource