The Pebble Watch Success Formula: Crowds

Written by Epi Ludvik

Feb 27, 2015

Pebble Watch! What can I say, this company is a poster child for what we are trying to do at Crowdsourcing Week. Here is a company that has truly embedded crowds into its organizational DNA and the results are there for everyone to see.
ICYMI Pebble Watch is raising a second round on Kickstarter, three years afters its earth shattering debut. In 2012 the first Pebble smart watch raised upwards of $10 million on Kickstarter. Now the company has done it again – they are back with Pebble Time, the next generation smart watch that is breaking records raising the fastest million on Kickstarter and almost breaking it! And their timing could not be more perfect. Just before Apple launches its smart watch.
What is Pebble’s success formula? I think it can be summed simply by the statement on their new Kickstarter.
“Three years ago you supported our vision to make the world’s first real smartwatch. The Kickstarter community and our early adopters believed in us before anyone else even knew we existed. You blew us away with your support and kicked off a worldwide movement! Your overwhelming support and feedback has shaped what Pebble is today. We’re back on Kickstarter to give you – the community who cares the most – an opportunity to support our vision for wearables and get exclusive access to our newest product. “
The Future is Cooperation With Crowds
Pebble Watch has demonstrated that the possibilities are endless if you have the crowds on your side. This hasn’t come easy, I’m sure but this is a company that has relied and nurtured their community like no other. They debut their innovative product on a crowd platform and really believed in it. Their first Kickstarter project had regular updates and upgrades that engaged their backers for 2 years after the goal was achieved – strategic evidence that they weren’t done. Smart companies will keep doing back to their crowds – why lose the momentum that you have created?
A crowd powered bottom-up approach will never fail you and will become one of the key strategies for the success of the companies in coming years. Be aware, it may not always give you the results you desire, but it will show you the right path. Early.
Congratulations Pebble and team! May the crowd be with you.
About Author

About Author

Epi Ludvik

As the Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week and BOLD Awards, Epi works with all types and sizes of organizations, from high-profile companies to emerging startups, helping them to harness the power of the crowd and human-centered innovation. His pioneering journey in the digital world has been fueled by his commercial endeavors in the US, Europe and Asia, plus an unrelenting passion for crowd-based technology and marketplaces. The two factors combined have decentralized innovation, and disrupted entire business sectors in ways that were never previously imaginable. Epi’s gift and passion for crowdsourcing have allowed him to grow his companies and become a global thought-leader on the transformative potential of crowdsourcing in all industries and sectors, and all areas of public life. Epi Ludvik earned a BS in Advertising & Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has been a serial entrepreneur since graduation.

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