Founding Team -Brickflow

Today, we are pleased and proud to introduce one of our Startup Challenge Winners from Crowdsourcing Week 2013 Singapore – Brickflow!

We all use a number of different social media platforms to share our thoughts and experiences.What if you could pull together all those entries and create a more visual and engaging story. Now there is an app for that! Brickflow is an app for making curated social media slideshows in a matter of seconds. You can build memorable stories and collections with your content from Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and more. It’s just like playing with Legos.

We are very excited to share Brickflow’s story with all of you, so here is an interview with Peter Langmar, one of the founders.

1) Tell us a little bit about your startup and the founders.

Brickflow lets you build curated social media slideshows in seconds. It connects content from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and more, and lets you build your story like playing with Lego.

We have three founders with diverse backgrounds. Mihaly Borbely worked in market research, and also at the fields of photography, filmmaking and web technologies. Tamas Kokeny gained key experience while working for startups like Prezi and I have  studied business and communications, have a background in social media research, and worked for a startup incubator in Paris.

2) What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

Curated storytelling is a great way to crowdsource content creation, and it’s a form of communication that is here to stay. Bloggers and others are using content curation tools to summarize topics with crowdsourced content. We can see the impact of the collaborative economy and Brickflow is an answer to a social media content related need.

But content is getting shorter, more visual, and taking place in real-time. Hashtags are becoming mainstream. Vine and Instagram are widely popular. This is a totally new form of self-expression: a few seconds of square-shaped video, low-res snapshots, 140 characters of text.

The tool which connects these sources into curated stories must have a format, workflow, and user experience that fit perfectly into this new world. Nobody else on the market is focusing on visual storytelling with such an approach. Moreover, we aggregate social media content based on hashtags, which makes the workflow much more simple.

3) What are some of the challenges you have faced in your current market?

Brickflow is a really flexible tool, which can serve many different mindsets and workflows. And it has a different, new approach to curation. This is a great advantage, but it also means it takes longer for people to realize its full potential. Time is always a big challenge for startups. But looking at the most recent trends in social media, this seems to be the best time for our approach: hashtags and short videos are reshaping social media. All we do is connect the dots.

4) What are the next steps for your startup?

After leaving Santiago, we’ll move back to Europe. Staying there will give us a lower burn rate, and lets us keep the team together. We’re also keeping a strong presence in Tallinn, since we’re an Estonian company and in Budapest, our home town. On the other hand we focus business development and marketing efforts in the US.

5) What are some of the lessons you would like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Be flexible. We have relocated several times to work in the best possible environment for our startup. Moreover, understand the rising trends and surf those waves.

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