Enter to WIN Over $15,000 in Prizes!

Written by Clive Reffell

Enter to WIN Over $15,000 in Prizes!

We have amazing prizes to give away that will help your organization achieve new levels of success. They include CSW Global 2018 conference tickets, consultation time with some of our our amazing conference partners, a cryptocoin workshop and copies of latest crowdsourcing books by top authors.  

All you need do to enter is provide some basic details about yourself at this link and then score points by sharing the link with people in your networks. Three winners will be drawn from the 20 people who earn the most points.

The closing deadline is 12 September 2018 so don’t delay. Enter now and then let your contacts know about this great giveaway. They’ll thank you for it as you’ll be giving them the chance to be a winner too!

Consultations will be provided by Tipalti, heroX, Hyperloop Innovation, and Circle Economy. Books have been provided by Shareable and Crowdsourcing Week, and the cryptocurrency workshop plus coins worth $1,000 are provided by Crowdholding.

It’s time to skyrocket your business and reach NEW levels of success. Enter here.

If you’re not someone who wants to leave things to chance, you can register right away to attend our CSW Global 2018 conference running 24-28 October in Washington D.C. Over 60 international speakers will share insights and experience to accelerate you powering through crowd breakthroughs.

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About Author

About Author

Clive Reffell

Clive has worked with Crowdsourcing Week on sourcing and creating content since May 2016. With knowledge and experience gained in a 30+ year marketing career based in London, UK, he operates as an independent crowdfunding advisor helping SMEs and startups to run successful crowdfunding projects, and with wider social media and content marketing issues.

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