Get Involved at CSW Global 2016

If you are interested in being a part of CSW Global 2016, there are a lot of ways you can get involved!

Be a Sponsor

Collaborate as a sponsor to expand your reach to the world’s most innovative professionals and decision makers. Get in touch to learn about a number of ways to partner, including custom packages, content, special events, workshops, and branding opportunities. We work with worldwide brands, media, platforms and local organizations to provide multiple levels of engagement.

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Apply to be a CSW Ambassador

CSW is seeking community leaders interested in growing their local crowdsourcing community and representing the CSW brand in their country to serve as CSW Ambassadors. The goal of the ambassador program is to forge strong local networks among CSW community members and promote cross-country collaboration within the crowdsourcing ecosystem.

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In-Kind Contribution

CSW In-Kind Partners get involved by contributing resources such as space, products or services. Benefits of becoming a in-kind partner include engaging your organization in the cutting-edge crowd economy conversation and building awareness among leading innovators around the globe.

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Apply for Press Accreditation

We welcome qualified reporters with credentials and experience in covering topics on the crowd economy to join us at the conference. Do not miss this opportunity to get the scoop on the latest trends and cutting-edge opportunities in innovation. Get access to exclusive content and launches as they happen, and meet with the leaders and disruptive companies at the forefront of these fields.

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Apply to join the on-site volunteer team. CSW Volunteers are typically students or young entrepreneurs interested in learning, contributing, and gaining hands-on experience. Volunteers will work closely with the CSW team either before or during the event and will experience behind-the-scenes access to the conference.

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Nominate a Speaker

Know an expert who should be on the CSW stage? Nominate a thought leader or innovator to share the most cutting-edge ideas, insights and possibilities of the crowd economy on a global stage.

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