Apply Now: Content Specialist (Remote Position)

Crowdsourcing Week is looking for an all-star content specialist to join our team. This is a remote (work from home) position so access to a computer and Internet is required. If you are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset, please read on to see if you could be a good fit.

Essential qualifications:

  • An understanding and knowledge about crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and the new collaborative mindset.
  • Excellent command over written and spoken English.
  • Compelling written and verbal communications skills and experience with developing regular communications (newsletters, blogs, monthly reports, etc.)
  • 40 hours/week commitment from Aug 20 – Oct 20 with a possibility of extension.
  • Experience with social media, researching and managing content projects from concept through execution
  • Strong computer/website skills, preferably experience with WordPress and content management tools.
  • Attention to detail, ability to multitask while staying organized
  • Flexibility to accommodate communication with international team including periodic evening, night or early morning calls.

Responsibilities & Duties

As a content specialist you will work remotely and support CSW’s Global Media Director with various responsibilities related to creating and building content for CSW’s blogs, newsletters and social channels.

  • Work with the global media director and execute the content strategy for CSW’s European summits and conferences.
  • Drive initiatives from concept through execution.
  • Research and write blog posts on topics related to the conference, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and open innovation.
  • Keep abreast of the latest news and trends
  • Research media partners and relevant thought leaders in the space.
  • Provide oversight to content creators and editors to increase the usefulness of the content to our audience.
  • Monitor current events in key issue areas for potential campaigns.
  • Build and foster relationships with key contacts at our partner organizations to stay abreast of their work and identify content opportunities.

To apply: Please email Priti(at)crowdsourcingweek(dot)com with a resume, cover letter and writing sample.

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