Category: Crowd Creativity

Why Crowdsourcing is Your Ultimate R&D

The smartest businesses know that they don’t have the power anymore. The people do. The conversation has shifted from focused, monolithic companies telling the consumer what they need to widespread, decentralized networks built...

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CSW Summit DC hit exciting new highs

CSW Summit Washington DC on June 15 brought together a famously distinguished group of crowdsourcing thought leaders and innovators to share insights and trends on how the second wave of the crowd economy is reshaping industries...

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Searching for the Crowdsourcing Stars

For many of us, it’s possible when we think of ‘Crowdsourcing’ what comes to mind is the Kickstarter of an exciting cause or product that we recently contributed financially to (often to support a friend whose...

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The Myth of the Lone Genius

A very interesting opinion piece on the NY Times by Joshua Wolf Shenk dwells on the myth of the lone genius. History has perennially celebrated lone geniuses like Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare, King while barely acknowledging...

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Group Brainstorming: 60 Years On

Creativity and innovation have become the buzzwords of the day. For instance, in the 2012 IBM CEO study, more than half of 1700 surveyed CEOs saw innovation as a key resource of sustained economic value. In the same study, 61%...

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