Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding Process

Written by Grayson Wood

Nov 24, 2020

Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding Process

Crowdsourcing is increasingly acknowledged as an efficient way to pursue business objectives through harnessing the abilities, might, ideas, and creativity of groups of people who could be dispersed all around the globe. It certainly applies to marketing and branding issues, and I’m going to show how it can benefit four key stages of the marketing and branding process. The broad concepts remain transferrable to many other business sectors.

There are many platforms that provide access to pre-vetted professionals and enable marketers to resolve branding challenges, as well as access a whole ecosystem of marketing-related services. This allows marketers to find and work with real pros to achieve high-quality branding strategies and marketing collateral. A selection of these platforms are mentioned later.

As the Marketing Director of a popular dissertation service put it to me: “Crowdsourcing is an extremely flexible and results-driven method of working through a challenging situation. It helps get the most out of wide-ranging thinkers to solve equally wide-ranging problems, or find an answer to an existing business-related question. The brightest, the most creative and incredible ideas can be unearthed through a crowdsourcing strategy.”

What you need to know about crowdsourcing and how will it help your business?

The clearer the task is, the better the result will be.

Crowdsourcing is a great tool in the right hands. However, there are subtleties you need to know in order to get the most out of it for your business. The main rule of using crowdsourcing is to correctly set the tasks. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you and the prospective solution providers are on the right wavelength. To do this, make a detailed description of the project and fill out the brief. This brings clarity to the job and helps professionals to cope with it successfully.

Do not spare your efforts and spend a little more time on the preparation of the technical task. This way you will get the desired result, and the work performed will correspond to the goals of the business.

The ability to look at familiar things in a new way

No matter how talented you are, sooner or later a creative crisis comes along. Crowdsourcing is a great way to see things differently. So if you want to get new ideas, it’s time for you to turn to freelance specialists. A huge advantage is that people from different parts of the world can work on a project, without prejudice. They are not within the company and their thinking and approach to solutions will differ significantly from yours.

Hundreds and even thousands of people are open to work on your project

The indisputable advantage of outsourcing platforms is the ability to have mutual communication with various people that work on the same business project. And it’s your project! There’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with members of a global crowdsourcing community and find a brilliant solution. The more talents that are involved in the creative process, the more resultative will be your experience. Don’t hesitate to engage in the communication process, it will help you to find and implement the right branding strategy. 

What areas of branding strategy can crowdsourcing influence?

Typically, there are four areas in which crowdsourcing can have a great impact: a) creation and development of a new product; b) brand positioning; c) design of the packaging; d) communication messaging.

New product development

If you’re looking to create the concept of your future product or service, crowdsourcing will be an indisputable assistant. A crowdsourcing community will help you create an outstanding product that will conquer the market, whether you choose to discover and follow through some new ideas, or ask a crowd to take a fresh look at some existing ones. 

Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding ProcessFor such purposes, a platform like Innocentive is perfect. Their community specializes in developing ideas. It is enough to fill out the brief and wait for people to respond. With Innocentive, you can get a dose of inspiration and an unconventional look at familiar things. The main thing is that you get the opportunity to choose from maybe hundreds of proposed options and pay only for the best one(s).

Brand positioning

If your business is looking for a way to strengthen its marketplace positioning, a crowdsourcing platform will be a wonderful solution. Moreover, you can test some new branding strategy ideas on the community members for them to evaluate how it works. So, if you’re looking for a way to expand your business or add some new service, the results could be overwhelming. 

Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding ProcessFiverr‘s user network can handle such tasks. Willing solution providers from all over the world are registered here, covering a wide variety of specializations. Whether you need a grocery packaged goods marketer or a market research professional, you will certainly find one. For a successful experience, carefully study the portfolio of candidates and testimonials from other clients.

Package design

Packaging design development is not an easy task. What if I said that there are more than a million professionals available to work on your project? Impressive, isn’t it?

This is possible with crowdsourcing platforms like 99Designs. You just need to make a description of the project, choose one of the proposed packages and you will create a competition on the global design platform. The best job – in your opinion – will receive a reward.

Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding Process

Also within the creative services sector, a wide selection of video-related marketing collateral can be sourced from TONGAL. This platform gives businesses a way to simplify and scale video production and amplify in-house capabilities 100% remotely through a network of more than 200,000 creators operating in over 170 countries.

It’s not there just for startup or small businesses. TONGAL has been used by LEGO, Disney, Mattel, Macy’s, 20th Century Fox and National Geographic, among other well established companies. Alongside providing solutions to business and brand owners, it enables creators to gain career-building experience through responding to briefs and pitching ideas to potential clients.

Communication messaging

Communication is one of the key aspects in branding. Find great marketing copywriters to create an effective customer engagement strategy. A platform like Upwork will help you with this. On this platform you can find real experts who will offer the best solutions, taking into account the peculiarities and goals of the business. Professionals in numerous specialist work areas use platforms such as Upwork and to find project assignments.

Four Benefits of Using Crowdsourcing in the Marketing Branding Process Hopefully, you’ve now recognized the power crowdsourcing might have on marketing issues. If you’re looking for efficient ways of promoting your business or strengthening its market position, use it to the fullest!

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