José António Baldaia

José António Baldaia

José António Baldaia

José Baldaia is a Psychologist specializing in Organizational Behavior. He lives and works in Portugal as a consultant in Management and Innovation, mainly for SMEs with special attention to the roles and importance of HR in innovation process, and is also a successful facilitator for team building in interdisciplinary environments and behavior training. He is a researcher in the areas of innovation and tools of thought creativity, design thinking and service design; teaches New Organizational Context and Business Process Implementation – BPM; and has a degree in Psychology from the University of Porto

Articles by José António Baldaia

Leadership Skills in Open Innovation: More Collaboration and Different Control

I think it happens often enough that when an organization opens its doors to the outside, even if it is just to watch the competition, a climate of insecurity or fear emerges within the leadership and management.

Organizations have lived for many years within closed environments, so the approaches that address the challenges from open innovation, puts some tension on leadership and management approaches.

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