AlumniFunder is a new crowd funding startup based out of Los Angeles. They connect alumni at top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown, MIT with entrepreneurs and innovators who are still in school. They are building a marketplace for disruptive initiatives, where young entrepreneurs can find capital and advice from a “crowd” of alumni.

Companies like KickStarter have paved the path for crowd funding creative teams working on innovative ideas. However, there are still a large amount of people who have yet to contribute to a project. Biased crowd funding is a new term being coined by companies who understand that investing in projects requires a deeper connection to the innovators (rather than just the idea). When VCs and accelerators like Y Combinator or Launchpad evaluate new companies, they always consider both the idea and the team; why shouldn’t crowd funding be the same?


AlumniFunder doesn’t view crowd funding as an end; rather, it is a technological tool for pooling resources. AlumniFunder aims to use this technology to facilitate access to capital for smart, hungry, foolish yet capable dreamers. People who are willing to put their ideas and ultimately themselves in front of their alumni community in the hope of executing on their projects and ultimately, their companies.

The next generation of crowd funding tools will likely adapt a model of biased capital so that investors can feel a connection to the team (as well as the idea). What do you think the future of crowd funding is? Tweet with your thoughts.