Despite apparent greater control of a personal work/life balance open to remote workers and operators in the gig economy, these people often have higher levels of stress and sleep disruption.

However, the flexibility offered by ICT has the potential to alter and improve the way many of us work and live. People in continuous work-from-home can base themselves anywhere that has an internet connection and enjoy the refreshing stimulation and challenge of new surroundings, maybe even a totally different culture.

Airbnb provides good value access to more rooms around the world than the Hilton Hotel Group, though a succession of short-stays makes it hard to establish a work routine.

Living in Airbnb accommodation allowed Crowdsourcing Week’s founder Epi Ludvik to research the emerging global crowd economy and network with key influencers around the world for two years. Beside Airbnb for short stay, he recommends the longer-term accommodation provider GoGoPlaces to provide a base for remote workers. It can also provide a steadier income to property owners than off-season vacation-lets.

Choosing vacation destinations is fun, travel to a longer-stay home-and-workplace involves other considerations. Once you have a shortlist there are websites and apps that provide travellers with crowdsourced content created by people who live there such as AFAR or from other travellers who visited them, like Trippy.

If a priority for your temporary relocation is to reduce stress and restore a positive sleep pattern, you could consider relocating near a yoga retreat to take a thorough “mental detox.” Access to over 70 retreats around the world is provided by BookRetreats.

A balanced diet also contributes to wellness, and some company to share meals with can help establish social links in a new home-from-home. EatWith is a tool to access a vibrant food-scene in hundreds of cities and connect with crowdsourced, like-minded people at communal tables.

And of course there are dating apps available to seek more intimate relationships.

Have you ever chosen a different place to live and work from on a temporary basis, and what other helpful crowdsourcing sites and apps can you let us know about? Perhaps you’d even consider temporarily relocating to Seattle, WA in order to be in town to attend the next CSW Summit on Oct. 5th?