Crowdsourcing Ethics Why is Important

Written by Ramon Nuez

The question of ethics is always a question. This is true whether you are speaking about personal or corporate ethics. But why am I talking to you about crowdsourcing ethics? I previously explained that crowdsourcing is not an industry but a work process?

So how can we talk about ethics when it comes to a work process?

Well, the truth is that Ross Dawson is not referring to the ethics of a work process but to the people doing the work. One of the main points of contention is to pay or not to pay. Dawson does a very nice job discussing this topic as well as a few others.

So let me know your thoughts on the ethics of crowdsourcing.

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About Author

About Author

Ramon Nuez

Ramon Nuez is a founder, fine arts photographer, digital artist, writer and wannabe harmonica player.

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