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A Thousand Eyes Are Better Than Two

How do you scan an area of 305,000 sq km (118,000 sq mi)? This was the challenge for several countries in 2014, trying to solve the mystery of the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Tremendous effort and resources were put into...

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Humans, Robots and the Future of Work

This is a series of blog posts in relation to The Hyperloop of Innovation and Future of Work. First we worked in fields, then factories, and now everywhere and anytime through devices connected to the internet. But what’s next...

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Sweden is a Crowdsourcing Leader

Sweden is recognised as being at the forefront of using crowdsourcing to develop both business and community social opportunities. Perhaps it’s an almost inevitable extension of central government policy to eradicate gender...

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YOU Have Helped Digitize Millions of Books – Through Online Collaboration!

The brains behind CAPTCHA, Luis von Ahm and his team while proud of the fact that millions were using their invention everyday also saw hundreds of thousands of hours of lost productivity as people typed in their CAPTCHA. The question- ‘how can we better use these 10 secs of human potential that we have at our disposal’ led them to something better than spam protection. Spam protection with a way to digitize books – Re-CAPTCHA. How brilliant!

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Will you Crowdsource your Haircut?

Colleen Flanigan, the coral reef sculptor and TED Senior Fellow, didn’t have time to get a haircut before TEDGlobal back in June. So in the spirit of the conference, themed ‘Radical Openness,’ she crowdsourced one instead, letting dozens of conference-goers each take one snip of her hair.

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Crowdsource Your Customer Acquisition and Business Development

Using a crowdsourcing site for referrals can be a big time-saver as well. Anyone who owns or runs a business is always trying to maximize his limited time, and online crowdsourcing is very efficient. There is no travel involved, and conversations are limited to the business at hand. Communicating with someone half a world away doesn’t require that both people be online at the same time, thus saving even more valuable time. BusinessLeads is designed exactly for this purpose.

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