CSW BitcoinsGot a stash of Bitcoins and looking for cool ways to spend it? We have got you covered. If you follow digital currency and are excited about open source and the potential for a collaborative, transparent future then you’ve got be at the 2nd Annual Crowdsourcing Week conference in Singapore – April 7-11, 2014.
Yes, you can register for a full-access pass that gives you complete access to 3 full days of programming and the opening night gala + networking events — with BITCOINS
Crowdsourcing Week is proud to be the first global-scale conference to accept Bitcoins. The real deep reason to allow purchase with the most widely used digital currency is to attract the best participation. Like us, if you thrive in the possibilities of hacking the norm and status quo for better, more efficient systems that spell greater good for everyone – we invite you to join us at the CSW Global crowdsourcing conference in Singapore.
We feel Bitcoins represent the new age thinking and the bubbling thoughts of creativity that push current boundaries. Some experiments work and others fail badly but the fact remains that we are better off trying.
The theme of the week-long conference in Singapore is Crowd Impact: Empowering Transformation,” to help leaders push those boundaries. The content is designed to encourage multi-disciplinary learning. Each day will highlight crowdsourcing case studies, solutions and lessons learned while bringing together perspectives from a wide range of sectors.

We are using Bitpay (a world leader in business solutions for virtual currencies that has processed over $100 million in transactions in 2014, in 200 countries) to process transactions for registration and are thrilled to support and be part of the digital currency movement.

So head to our registration page to purchase with Bitcoins!