What if I told you that crowdsourcing will most certainly improve your business?

Well, I have to apologize — because in business just as in life, certainties are rare. But what I am certain of is that crowdsourcing is an incredibly powerful tool. As a work process, I have seen the crowd produce a range of incredible products and services.

Now while crowdsourcing has become a publicly recognized process — the crowdsourcing ecosystem is developing quietly but quickly. This system consists of 5 classes — funders, practitioners, customers, the crowd and researchers. And some industry thought leaders are even developing crowdsourcing taxonomies, that can better define the multiple components — marketing of high level skills, contests, microtasks and crowd collaboration.

Cloud collaboration is something that interests me a great deal. What is it you ask — think Wikipedia. 10’s, 100’s and even 1000’s of people working together to build a free, collaborative Internet encyclopedia. Now apply this same work process to your business.

What if you could use cloud collaboration to improve your business or jumpstart innovation?

If you’re thinking “that sounds interesting” and you should be, then you should take a look at what CanadaOne is working on — the Business Innovation Challenge.

“There has been a lot of hype about this being the information age, but information is meaningless unless it is transformed into knowledge that can be acted upon. With the Business Innovation Challenge we hope to contribute to the creation of knowledge for small and medium-sized companies,” says Julie King, co-founder and managing editor of Candaone.com.

CanadaOne is hoping that the Business Innovation Challenge will help the small business community. In short, CanadaOne one is asking that companies share a work process that has improved the way they do business. These processes will be published on an ongoing basis so small business can use them.

I think that this a wonderful use case for crowd collaboration. And I am hoping that CanadaOne publishes these processes as a wiki — that can then be edited by the crowd. Perhaps a WikiCanadaOne?

What are your thoughts on crowd collaboration and do you think it can help your business?