Category: Mass Collaboration

Changing Government Through Crowdsourcing

We’ve had one of the oldest crowdsourcing examples right under our nose. We vote every single day, whether it is an election of our next world leader, a response to “What do we want to eat?” at the family dinner table, or among...

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A Thousand Eyes Are Better Than Two

How do you scan an area of 305,000 sq km (118,000 sq mi)? This was the challenge for several countries in 2014, trying to solve the mystery of the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Tremendous effort and resources were put into...

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Crowdsourcing Competitive Innovation

Peter Diamandis is saying: 99.999% of people don’t understand or appreciate the ramifications of what is coming and I agree 100% here. Innovation is the essential component when we are considering how to solve the world’s...

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