The internet is playing a bigger role in our lives, at work, buying our groceries, managing our finances, sharing social experiences and otherwise living our lives online. And more and more of us are studying online, at our own pace and at the times we choose.

According to the New York Times Magazine the term crowdsourcing was first used in 2005, and it has existed long enough for best practices and “industry norms” to have developed. Along with the ever-accelerating pace of change in business, the workplace and in social structures and interface, it is generally recognised that although personal experience remains vitally important it is not enough on its own for anyone to remain to remain at the leading edge. Who can afford to stop lifelong learning?

The Crowd Economy Academy is committed to help organizations and individuals achieve in-depth understanding – including practical applications – of all aspects of the crowd economy landscape. To this end, our courses will deliver structured content drawn from a variety of sources on know-how, theory and in practice.

Our mission is to accelerate and bring crowdsourcing knowledge to everyone.

Crowd Economy Academy courses covering aspects of the 14 parts of the crowd economy landscape and applying the 5 P’s of the crowd economy will give students of any background greater insight to apply to their ideas, work and day-to-day living, bringing you faster and more efficiently to a world of greater abundance.

Our first course on Equity Crowdfunding is now live and ready to take. Click here for the full course.

In coming months we will launch further courses so please remember to check back regularly for details about them.

Teach for the Crowd Economy Academy

Would you like to teach for the Crowd Economy Academy? If you have skills or expertise in any of the 14 parts of the crowd economy landscape and would like to explore working with the Crowd Economy Academy please click here to provide us with some details and then let’s talk.

Whether your aim is to acquire or share crowd economy knowledge and skills, we want you to come on a journey with us to a world of greater abundance.