StarHub, Singapore’s telco giant announced its crowdfunding platform Crowdtivate, today, live at Crowdsourcing Week Global (CSW),’ 14 in Singapore.

Crowdtivate will be the first telco backed crowd platform to serve Asia’s entrepreneurs, and future movers & shakers. Pak-Lum Mock, while delivering the keynote address today at CSW’s second annual week-long conference, announced the launch of the site while elaborating on its goals. The CTO of StarHub obviously saw the platform as a means to stay close to the most innovative ideas taking form in Singapore.

StarHub’s Crowdtivate hopes to differentiate itself from other crowdfunding sites by offering its startups more than just finance. It hopes to helps startups with mentoring, marketing advice and infrastructure frameworks. Crowdonomic, another Singaporean-bred crowdfunding platform has white-labeled its platform for StarHub, creating a rock solid foundation for innovation in the region.

The involvement of StarHub ithe company’s innovation arm, with CSW Global’14 as global partner and the launch of this crowdsourcing platform sure is indicative of the company vision to find new pathways for growth and sustainability.

On the partnership with CSW, Mr. Mock Pak Lum said,“We want to become a leader in technology innovation, digital initiatives and programmes. By partnering with Crowdsourcing Week, we hope to tap into their expertise in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, to discover non-traditional growth engines that can be developed to deliver value back to our customers and partners. Crowdfunding platforms are both new and useful tools that can connect businesses, especially entrepreneurs, with both community and investment, accelerating their ability to scale faster.”