Via press release

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW), the global conference dedicated towards providing the crowdsourcing ecosystem with platforms and content, has announced StarHub as its official telco partner for Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014. As official telco, StarHub will work with CSW and the crowdsourcing community to build solutions for businesses and startups that can further drive momentum for the ecosystem.

Epi Ludvik, Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week said: “I am thrilled that StarHub has come on board as the official telco for Crowdsourcing Week. Crowdsourcing, as a methodology for big and small organisations, is being recognised on the global stage and to have the support of StarHub is a big milestone for the community. Our theme for this year is all about empowering transformation through crowds that will bring social productivity to organisations. With StarHub’s involvement, we look forward to connect the dots between big data and human participation to tackle global challenges.”

Crowdsourcing Week will work with StarHub i3 globally to support their objectives in discovering and delivering new engines of growth through partnerships, think tanks and incubators to their customers and partners.

Mr. Mock Pak Lum, StarHub’s Chief Technology Officer said: “We want to become a leader in technology innovation, digital initiatives and programmes. By partnering with Crowdsourcing Week, we hope to tap into their expertise in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, to discover non-traditional growth engines that can be developed to deliver value back to our customers and partners. Crowdfunding platforms are both new and useful tools that can connect businesses, especially entrepreneurs, with both community and investment, accelerating their ability to scale faster.”

He adds: “We don’t want to be an observer on the side lines as crowdsourcing takes off. We will be in the driver’s seat together with partners and deliver impactful and valuable contributions to the ecosystem and community by creating new solutions.”

Crowdsourcing is about social productivity achieved by forming a collective effort of individuals globally that can help provide organizations with approaches and solutions centred on the crowd. To date, CSW has produced summits in New York City, Berlin, Amsterdam, Warsaw and London in addition to the flagship week-long annual conference in Singapore.

About StarHub i3

StarHub i3 is formed to lead the company to becoming a top player in technological innovations and digital initiatives. Its role is to discover and deliver new engines of growth outside of the traditional info-communications business for StarHub. This is achieved through forging new partnerships, forming regional think tanks and incubating new ideas from innovative entrepreneurs. These initiatives are underpinned by StarHub’s big data platform – SmartHub, a National Research Foundation-supported project aimed at creating new classes of applications and solutions, in collaboration with higher learning institutions, start-up companies, and large and multinational organisations.