Weekly Reading: Crowdsourcing News Roundup, Feb. 7

Written by Briana Green

Feb 7, 2014

A curated, weekly roundup of interesting news on crowd business, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open innovation and the new collaborative economy 


Urban planning just became more open and democratic in Moscow, where residents can now propose city improvement ideas through a new online platform. Local architecture firms can pick things up from there, designing proposals to bring those visions to life. [Crowdsourcing Citizen Ideas In Moscow, Future Cape Town]

Narinder Singh adeptly likens the current state of crowdsourcing to the beginning boom of cloud tech a few years ago (“widely discussed, unevenly adopted and on the cusp of widespread industry impact”). Consider it full of potential—but only with proper use. [Crowdsourcing in 2014: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility , WIRED]

Education, an area that arguably has the highest potential to be transformed by crowdsourcing, has yet to dip a toe in. Why aren’t educators embracing the benefits of the crowd? Why should they? These 11 thoughtful reasons give teachers a glimpse of what might be accomplished if they did. [11 Underlying Principles Of Crowdsourcing In Education, TeachThought]


New York City will soon welcome it’s first-ever crowdfunded and crowd-designed hotel, aimed at collaboratively evolving the future travel. What’s the moniker given to this type of co-created hotel? It’s appropriately called Cotel. [Why Crowdsourced Hotel Design Will be the Future of Travel, PSFK]

Marketers thinking about trying their hand at crowdsourcing videos for their brand should keep this list of pros and cons handy while diving into the approach. [Brands and Social Video Apps: The Crowdsource Approach, Sparksheet]


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About Author

Briana Green

Briana Green is the Marketing & Community Manager at Crowdsourcing Week.

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