How Collaboration Can Exploit Technological Innovations

Stephane Beauduin

Accelerating digital innovation enhances our daily lives. Yet in enterprises, 50-60% of processes are still not yet digitalized – and money is still largely spent on the legacy processes, not digital processes.

What is the role of a telco in stimulating digital innovation among enterprises? Phases of digital innovation for enterprises have evolved from efficiency, to customer service, to now reimagining your business model. Ultimately a telco feels at the heart of reimagining enterprises and reinventing how people and crowds work together, Stephane explains. Hear incredible examples of how Orange has accomplished just that, better connecting people and machines and co-investing in smart solutions and processes by simply connecting a device (you’ll never guess what) that’s never been connected before.

You will learn:
– How Telcos are accelerating and redefining crowdsourcing
– What is at the disruption of crowdsourcing
– How connecting machines will create a entirely different type of data-based digital innovation

Oct 21, 2015

14:00 - 14:20

Chancellery Auditorium


Stephane Beauduin