Resolving Issues in Energy Transition

Erwin van Laethem

Europe has ambitious CO2 targets. In order to achieve these targets, the focus will be on energy savings and large-scale development of renewable energy sources (RES). Citizens want to move toward “energy autarky”: consumers become Producers themselves, or Prosumers, leading to more decentralized energy systems. “The energy sector is being shaken and stirred,” says Erwin van Laethem in his opening remarks. Erwin shares the current issues in the energy sector and shares what will it transition to and how we can make it transition to this new world.

What you will learn:

– 3 important trends in energy sector on a global scale and European context
– What is crowd energy?
– Who are the prosumers and their role today?
– How crowdsourcing is used in the energy industry


Oct 22, 2015

16:20 - 16:40

Chancellery Auditorium



Erwin van Laethem