Crowdsourcing Cities: Urban Planning Reinvented

Julian Petrin

For a slow-moving industry like urban planning, a fast-changing world is a threat, as cities get more crowded and dense.

What is the “smart way ” to solve urban challenges today? By crowdsourcing cities to unlock the citizens creativity and enable the self-made city. Julian introduces the idea of participatory design – creating future vision together with people – that is changing way things are done in the field of urban planning.

He shares how we founded NextHamburg, a citizens’ think tank that is crowdsourcing the city together with citizens – a model that is now being replicated in cities across the world. By serving as a citizen-driven project platform and incubator and enabling people to influence politics, NextHamburg is creating an alternative future agenda for their city.

What about bringing those projects to life? NextHamburg had to invent their own channels for realization and Julian highlights challenges experienced in implementing open innovation into the urban planning system and introduces some “golden rules” for urban-issues related crowdsourcing.

Oct 21, 2015

14:20 - 14:40

Chancellery Auditorium



Julian Petrin