Digital Responders Everywhere

Heather Leson

How can we get to the next 1 million people for digital response? Digital Response or Digital Humanitarians self-organize in teams to use their digital skills for many topics from refugee support to disaster response to environmental protection.The upcoming World Humanitarian Summit and the mandate for the Sustainable Development Goals show the opportunity to widen the circle of contributors to collaboratively innovate on many social good initiatives. How can we co-create a framework for great task management (small to large items) and create an inclusive, multi-lingual curriculum digital training? Policy recommendations from the World Humanitarian Summit suggest that highly localized teams be fostered. I will propose some implementation ideas and some lightweight tools that we can potentially use to get to the next level. These recommendations stem from experience leading large community crowdsourcing projects like Ushahidi, School of Data, M icroMappers and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. The goal of this session is to encourage ideas, find allies and inspire others to join in the implementation of crowdsourcing ‘step ladders’ to global change.

Apr 13, 2016

14:55 - 15:15

Regent Street Cinema


Heather Leson