How Crowds Could Disrupt the Old Energy Paradigm

Carl Malbrain

In the old energy paradigm, electricity is produced in centralized, large power stations (coal, nuclear, offshore wind) and brought to the consumer over long transmission and distribution lines. Nuclear power was very disruptive half a century ago and undoubtedly scaled more rapidly than any other technology. However, through crowd activation, nuclear power came to a halt and is even being phased out in some countries. Today, solar power could become even more disruptive. With the aid of new technologies, crowds could speed up the new paradigm shift. Carl Malbrain provides his insights why we need a new energy model and encourage the crowd to step in and accomplish that. Carl explains why decentralized energy is better than centralized, why rather than a few it should be many.

What you will learn:

– Overview of the old energy paradigm in comparison to today’s new energy paradigm
– Why solar is the future of energy industry
– Two positive things about nuclear and how it can be scaled up
– The state of global energy consumption
– The characteristics of new energy paradigm

Oct 22, 2015

16:00 - 16:20

Chancellery Auditorium



Carl Malbrain