In less than a month, Crowdsourcing Week’s flagship European conference will grab headlines for a whole week in Brussels, Belgium. At CSW Europe 2015, the most celebrated leaders in the digital economy will share their thoughts on crowdsourcing, crowd innovation and crowdfunding as it pertains to social and economic growth.

This year, from Oct 19-23, CSW Europe 2015 will see a high level of political participation from European national and regional policy makers whose presence will encourage open and collaborative discussions on crowd economy from a bottom-up approach.  

Belgium is one of the early adopters of the crowd economy, focusing on smart cities and alternative finance initiatives. The country stands to gain through crowd-powered networks that will help it attain its sustainability goals while providing its citizens with a very high standard of living. With the top notch minsters on regional and national level open to participate in the discussions, expect rapid-fire sessions and thought-provoking ideas to make Brussels a crowd-driven nation. 

We are honored to have them and look forward to welcoming them at CSW Europe 2015. 

See full agenda and speaker list here.

Annemie Turtelboom, Vice-Minister-President, Flemish Government and Flemish Minister of Finances, Budget and Energy

Day 2, Oct 20, Tuesday Opening Keynote:

Annemie Turtelboom is a Belgian politician and a member of the Flemish Liberal Party (Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats). Minister Turtelboom serves as Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister of Finances, Budget, and Energy. During the ten years prior to her political career, she taught economics at the KH Leuven, where she was appointed head teacher. During her period as a lecturer, she primarily focused on marketing and statistics. Annemie Turtelboom is Master of Economics (KU Leuven).

Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of the Belgian Government

Day 3, Oct 21, Wednesday Keynote Address:

Alexander De Croo is the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services in the Michel I Government. As Minister of Development Cooperation, he focuses on strengthening human rights and promoting local economic growth in the partner countries. Through the Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services portfolio, he focuses on the maximization of the economic potential of the digital economy.

Pascal Smet, Minister of Government of Brussels, Mobility & Public Works

Day 3, Oct 21, Wednesday Keynote Address:

As the Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Pascal Smet works diligently to foster a sustainable urban development. This implies a new way of designing public space with a bigger emphasis on pubic transport and more space for cyclists and pedestrians. Minister Smet has said, “In 2004, I had to act like a bulldozer to make way for innovative ideas and to set things into motion. Today, the cranes can come, construction works can start. In 2003, some people nearly booed at my suggestions to turn the central boulevards into a car-free zone. Look at where we stand today!”

Els Ampe, MP Brussel Alderman for Mobility and Public Works, City of Brussels

Day 3, Oct 21, Wednesday, Panel Discussion on the Future of Mobility:

Els Ampe spent her childhood in Ostend, after which she moved to Brussels to graduate at the university as a Civil Engineer. She took additional training at the ULB (in French): ‘master en gestion intégrée’ at the Solvay Business School.

Since 2004, she sits in the Brussels Parliament. In 2009, she became head of the Open VLD fraction. From 2006, she is also a councilor in the City of Brussels. Both at the municipal and regional levels, she specialized in cases related to the environment, town planning, mobility and urban design. But also issues such as welfare, health and family are close to her heart.

As a core member of the Liberales think tank and president of the Willemsfonds Laeken she attaches great importance to solidarity, equality, and individual freedom.

Get more information on CSW Europe 2015 tracks and the full list of speakers on the conference website. Follow the action in the lead up to the conference on social with the hashtag #CSWEurope15. Register now.