Crowd Economy Work Opportunities in Sweden

Recent CSW articles have looked at Sweden’s role as a global leader of innovation and crowdsourcing. It is also the host country for our conference next March, CSW Arctic // Europe 2018. We are all aware the pace of change has become so rapid that educators find it hard to keep students’ syllabuses relevant to […]
Crowd economy work opportunities in Sweden

Written by Clive Reffell

Oct 31, 2017

Recent CSW articles have looked at Sweden’s role as a global leader of innovation and crowdsourcing. It is also the host country for our conference next March, CSW Arctic // Europe 2018. We are all aware the pace of change has become so rapid that educators find it hard to keep students’ syllabuses relevant to the work opportunities they will compete for. Many people fear that artificial intelligence and robotics will make numerous jobs disappear, yet others reassure us many new types of jobs that don’t yet exist will provide employment in the near future. We looked for some crowdsourcing and crowd economy-related work opportunities available in Sweden in October 2017 that represent these new types of jobs that hardly existed even just a few years ago, or maybe they are not so much new jobs but they are in types of companies that didn’t exist a few years ago.

Autonomous vehicles is a hot topic, and several Swedish companies are looking for people to work on developing appropriate artificial intelligence that will operate private vehicles and freight industry traffic. Whilst better known as a gaming company, the NVIDIA Corporation also offers a specialised visual computing platform for the automotive industry. They seek candidates with Autonomous Driving and Deep Learning experience to apply for the post of Automotive Solutions Architect and be their “roving ambassador” in Sweden, driving new customer engagements. The job will primarily involve establishing and nurturing working relationships with automotive customers to develop cutting edge new technologies through proof of concept stages to eventual production. The successful applicant will have a degree in a hardware or software related discipline from a leading university; at least five years professional experience in embedded automotive system architecture, software engineering or similar; and ‘profound’ work experience in embedded systems-based development, machine learning/deep learning experience, and an understanding of state of the art deep learning techniques.

The Autonomous Vehicle Perception group within truck and bus manufacturer Scania is looking for one or two students with a Masters in engineering, physics, mechatronics, or similar – preferably with specialization in control, robotics, machine learning or artificial intelligence – who have a great idea for a thesis on topics including localization, artificial intelligence for road user modelling, machine learning for classification, deep neural networks, GPU utilization and parallelisation. Scania will need them for about 20 weeks starting in January 2018 and give them an opportunity to work with the latest technologies for autonomous driving in high performance embedded systems. Quite what they want from students with “a passion for solving real world challenges in autonomous driving” appears open-ended, as in it isn’t specified. So who knows what it could lead to?

Crowd economy work opportunities in SwedenInvesdor is a digital fundraising and equity crowdfunding platform that operates in Scandinavia and the UK. It began in Finland in 2012 and opened an office in Stockholm this year. They have a vacancy for a Swedish B2B Sales Director who will report to an overall Group Head of Sales. The successful candidate will ideally have 5+ years’ successful relationship building and transactional experience in finance-related B2B sales. Invesdor uses English as its working language, and applicants should also have a BSc or MSc qualification and be able to work pro-actively and take self-responsibility for their performance. The initial aim is to start working with some good quality companies and over time expand the level of business to require an extended sales team.

Also to be based in Stockholm, UberEATS requires a General Manager. The GM role for this gig-economy meal delivery company is quite a wide one. Requirements  include initiating local marketing campaigns to sign up both more customers and more restaurants to be part of the service; establishing relationships with local regulatory and political stakeholders within the food delivery ecosystem; share best practices with GMs in other cities; and ensure their Production and Engineering teams know what they have to deliver to meet and exceed customer expectations. The successful candidate needs at least six years’ marketing or operations management experience, plus at least a Master’s degree in science/engineering, economics, finance, management, social sciences, law or some other relevant field of study.

Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. They Crowd economy work opportunities in Swedencrowdsource input from a network of gig-economy workers to meet client requirements and are currently recruiting entry-level candidates from across Sweden to work from home on projects ranging from audio transcription to online user experience and website content evaluation for its top technology clients. They don’t specify any particular academic qualifications though are looking for people who preferably already have freelance experience with a proven ability to meet deadlines and follow instructions independently. Preferred applicants will also have good computer skills, a computer less than three years old and regular access to a high speed internet connection. The number of people able to do this type of work has undoubtedly and greatly increased over the past few years.

The limited number of tickets for CSW Arctic // Europe 2018 are already available here. It will be a great opportunity for delegates to rub shoulders with some of crowdsourcing’s greatest exponents, thought-leaders and innovators.



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About Author

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