The third annual Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference (Day 2) kicked-off with the theme “Business Meets Crowds: The Billion Dollar Opportunity.” Hundreds of delegates and crowd economy influencers and thought leaders from Singapore, Japan, Philippines, USA, UK, India, Belgium, and Canada, among others attended the rapid-fire sessions. The concept of crowdsourcing or crowd economy was explored further to understand its impact on the corporations, businesses, society and disaster relief assistance.

Speakers and panelists discussed the current trends and statistics, case studies, and tools that are creating new opportunities in billion dollar industries and how crowdsourcing could boost innovation, platform thinking, market intelligence, and collaboration. Shelley Kuipers of Better Ventures, Reinaldo Pamponet of ItsNOON, Roland Harwood of 100% Open, and Erica Van Lieven of Direction First facilitated the four special sessions, #BREAKTHROUGH, #HOTTOPIC, #COLAB, and #ACCELERATE.

Wrapping up day 2, here are some of the quotable and tweetable insights from the speakers:



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