Business Leads CrowdsourcedUsing a crowdsourcing site for referrals can be a big time-saver as well. Anyone who owns or runs a business is always trying to maximize his limited time, and online crowdsourcing is very efficient. There is no travel involved, and conversations are limited to the business at hand. Communicating with someone half a world away doesn’t require that both people be online at the same time, thus saving even more valuable time.

BusinessLeads is designed exactly for this purpose. Businesses looking for leads sign up, post about the leads they are looking for and wait for “Bounty Hunters” to respond. The Bounty Hunters search their online and offline networks for useful leads and send them to the business owners. If the lead meets criteria set out by the business owner, the Bounty Hunter is rewarded monetarily.There are some clear advantages for both businesses and bounty hunters in this system.

Business Advantages:

  • The business owner can simply and inexpensively find leads which may bring in new business or help form strategic partners.
  • Currently, posting on the site is risk free, with the bounty charged only when a lead is accepted.
  • The business owner looking for a referral states clearly what kind of leads they are looking for. They describe their business accurately so that it is obvious what they offer.
  • The business can ascertain whether the suggested lead is likely to turn into a sale, and only accept those leads, thus saving themselves time and money.
  • Best of all, compensation is set by the business owner in advance of the transaction. He/she decides how much to pay for each referral and puts a cap on how many referrals he is willing to accept.

Perks for Bounty Hunters:

  • The Bounty Hunter uses his already existing network to earn some extra income and expand his network further.
  • A lead doesn’t have to turn into a sale for a bounty to be paid; as soon as the poster decides the lead is worth pursuing, the Bounty Hunter receives compensation.
  • Bounty Hunters decide based on the bounty offered whether they are interested in sending a referral, so they are not disappointed either.

A feedback system and public acceptance rate is built into the platform that ensure that both sides act in good faith. Bounty Hunters won’t spam people, since they want to maintain their relationships with their personal and professional networks. Posters won’t refuse to pay for good leads, because that will prevent Bounty Hunters from replying to their posts in the future.For example, requests like these can be found on the website:

  • A VOIP phone system provider is looking for Commercial Property Managers and/or Commercial Real Estate Brokers looking to form a partnership.
  • A service which enriches text websites is looking for SOHO website owners.
  • A motivator and entertainer is looking for Jewish Temples interested in hiring speakers.
  • A roofing company seeks homeowners interested in external repairs.

Would you crowdsource your sales development for better business leads? Let us know in a comment.