Crowdsourcing News RoundUP – June 3

OnePlus launches ‘the Lab’ OnePlus has launched ‘the Lab’, its newest program for crowdsourcing OnePlus 3 reviews. If you want to give honest, crowdsourced feedback, sign up for the program here OnePlus is taking a brave move by asking its users to tell it like it is. The Lab is a new program launched by […]

Written by Ejona Blyta

Jun 3, 2016

OnePlus launches ‘the Lab’

OnePlus has launched ‘the Lab’, its newest program for crowdsourcing OnePlus 3 reviews. If you want to give honest, crowdsourced feedback, sign up for the program here

OnePlus is taking a brave move by asking its users to tell it like it is. The Lab is a new program launched by the smartphone manufacturer, that allows users to try out the OnePlus 3. OnePlus is calling this the ultimate trial by fire. Honest, critical, crowd sourced feedback is what they are hoping to get through this web site. The Lab is open to users in all regions. Interested individuals should sign up at the site for a review model. Thirty people will be selected, and sent a OnePlus 3 to review. This is also an opportunity for fans of the company, to get their hands on a device before anyone else. This is a way for the company to test out the flagship, although there is no mention whether any of the feedback will be used to modify the final device in any way.

IBM to help find ZIka cure through crowdsourcing

IBM and an international group of scientists are trying to find drug candidates to cure the Zika virus, through a crowdsourcing project called ‘OpenZika’

Volunteers simply need to run an app on their Windows, Mac, Linux or Android devices that automatically performs virtual experiments for scientists whenever the machines are otherwise idle. Through the OpenZika project, the World Community Grid will power virtual experiments on compounds that could form the basis of antiviral drugs to cure the Zika virus, which has been linked to serious neurological disorders. With dramatically more speed than possible in a traditional lab, the project will screen compounds from existing molecule databases against models of Zika protein and crystal structures. Screening results will quickly be shared with the research community and general public. Promising compounds would then be tested in the collaborators’ laboratories.

Tesla uncovers its crowdsourced Autopilot data

Tesla has revealed its crowdsourced Autopilot data giving hints how this feature performs. More details here

Tesla installed the hardware of its Autopilot in cars about a year before uploading the enabling software, in October 2015, said Sterling Anderson, director of Tesla’s Autopilot program, on Tuesday. The company has logged some 780 million miles of data, 100 million miles with Autopilot in at least partial control. Anderson was speaking at the EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, which was sponsored by MIT Technology Review. He also said that Tesla tries out new software by testing it covertly, so that it can tell what the software would have done if it had been turned on. “We will often install an ‘inert’ feature on all our vehicles worldwide,” said Anderson. “That allows us to watch over tens of millions of miles how a feature performs.”

HOPE association launches a crowdfunding project for pediatric mobile health clinics

The Hope association has recently launched a campaign called ‘Run for Hope’ on Crowdrise to raise funds for its new pediatric mobile health clinics

“The mission of the HOPE Mobile Health Clinic (HMHC) is to improve access for underserved children to comprehensive services necessary to achieve better health care. This mission is based on the belief that every child, regardless of his/her financial means, deserves high-quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring and family centered environment- a ‘medical home.’” The HOPE Association hopes to secure $250,000, which will go towards fully retrofit and construct one pediatric mobile health clinic, including all medical equipment and supplies.

Houston crowdfunding platform to expand nationally

Houston’s first equity crowdfunding platform, NextSeed, has received approval to expand nationally. Here is how

“It’s still early that we want to work with the right partners. Every business we work with is our partner,” Youngro Lee, NextSeed’s co-founder and CEO, said. “We can’t work with every business. It’s about finding the passionate entrepreneurs who have cultivated relationships in the community.”The continuing focus will still largely be on the Texas market. At the time of publication, NextSeed’s national platform only had one project on it, based in Austin. However, the long-term play is to have millions of different projects for investors to choose from. While Houston will always remain its headquarters, down the road, NextSeed plans to invest in sales offices California and New York, Lee said.

Crowdnuke brings entrepreneurs and sources of funds together

India-based company CrowdNuke, a new crowdfunding community, launches to help campaigners meet backers

Founded by Devashish Biswas, the platform enables crowdfunders to meet likeminded fellow crowdfunding campaigners, network with other members, discuss campaigns, and ask for feedback to improve their campaign. The platform is designed to be a dedicated portal for news and tips related to crowdfunding, and crowdfunding related resources. CrowdNuke claims to be the only social network for crowdfunders. Everyone who is trying to raise funds for a project could potentially use this platform. They can connect with other members of the community to get assistance and mentoring for their crowdfunding campaign. Campaigners can share details by private message, group messaging and ask for opinion on campaign details

WeGoLook and eBay Motors partner up for crowdsourcing auto inspections

WeGoLook, a mobile technology company, has partnered with eBay Motors to provide inspection services for eBay customers. Check this article for more information about the partnership

WeGoLook partnered with eBay Motors to provide inspection services for eBay customers. This allows eBay sellers to improve buyer confidence in vehicle transactions with a WeGoLook on-site inspection. This partnership is a win-win for eBay, WeGoLook, and the community of Lookers who now have a new basket of job opportunities. And these inspections have already saved many eBay buyers from fraudulent listings. And this is the main goal at WeGoLook. For all the sharing economy Lookers out there, and future ones, the eBay-WeGoLook partnership is a huge boon for business and an opportunity for Lookers to put more money in their pockets.                                      

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There are many fantastic stories out there. What else caught your eye this week? Did you come across some breaking news or a good thought piece? Do share them with us…


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