Crowdsourcing Week and 99designs has launched an online t-shirt design contest designed to engage the creativity of the crowd and encourage participation in helping the homeless in San Francisco.

For those interested in entering, you will need to create t-shirt designs that illustrate ways of addressing homelessness in San Francisco. The contest will be open to all between now and August 16. The winners will be selected by Crowdsourcing Week CEO Epi Ludvik and Coalition on Homelessness Development Director Jay Rice and will be announced by August  23rd.

Five separate winning designs will be chosen and produced as official event t-shirts for the CSW Global Conference on September 12-13 where corporate leaders, governments, nonprofits, and researchers will come together to discuss how new approaches to crowdsourcing are powering breakthroughs. Each winner will have an opportunity to present their ideas on the stage at CSW Global 2019 or BOLD Awards 2020 in Venice, Italy.

All proceeds from the sales of event t-shirts will go to San Francisco’s Coalition on Homelessness, to fund direct action and policy advocacy efforts to improve the lives of our homeless neighbors, as part of Crowdsourcing Week’s commitment to drive 1% of company profits to social good around the world.