Full Throttle on Crowd Finance Revolution, April 23 at CSW Global 2015

This blog is a part of a 3-post series highlighting each day’s theme and programming at CSW Global 2015.

Apr 1, 2015

Editors Note: This blog is a part of  a 3-post series highlighting each day’s theme and programming at CSW Global 2015. Read all about Tuesday and Wednesday – and do not miss Friday’s Startup Workshop!

Learn from the world-class crowdfunding experts and practitioners on Day 4 of the conference. The whole day is packed with our special series #COLAB, #ACCELERATE, #BREAKTHROUGH and #HOTTOPIC sessions about the current status of crowdfunding and crowd finance revolution.

Find out how the crowds create new perceptions of money and how businesses and entrepreneurs are coping. Here are the top 5 things you will learn:

  • What is the next frontier with crowdfunding in general? And where are the latest trends in equity & rewards-based crowdfunding? Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB and a global authority on crowdfunding will deliver a keynote that will cover the bases.
  • How are traditional banks staying ahead of the curve through innovation? Cade Tan, VP Partnerships and Culture from DBS Bank will share her innovation journey.
  • What’s the future of digital payments and currencies? And how is crowd finance dictating a new wave of innovation in transactions across verticals? Nagarajan Rao, Senior VP of Transpay will share insights on the crowd payment revolution.
  • And what is Crypto 3.0? What are the basics of Blockchain? What are NextGen applications of digital currencies? David Moskowitz, founder of Coin Republic will lead a full throttle session on the full impact of currency democratization.
  • Can Crowds replace banks? Will democratizing debt hurt banks? Rajat Gandhi of Faircent will talk P2P lending and the growth of this market in Asia.

We have an action-packed week planned, and these are only highlights of the Thursday April 23 programme! View the full agenda for Thursday and register for a day pass here. Are you ready for the opportunities with crowd powered finance ?


Secure your tickets now and get the early bird rate now extended for two more days! Find out how you can get special rates with your accommodations via Airbnb.  

And if you’re a startup, you’d better not miss the CSW Startup Workshop 2015 where you’ll learn actionable tips to accelerate your business through crowds.

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About Author

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