We are very excited to be coming in June for our first event in Africa. Crowdsourcing Week is a global platform uniting thought leadership on the crowd economy and crowdsourcing.

In collaboration with Innocentrix, an innovation business and technology service company, CSW Summit Johannesburg will take place on June 24 2016 to highlight the trends, best practices, and practical insights on the crowd economy. The CSW Summit will be held in conjunction with and on the second day of the annual innovation conference, Innovation Live.

This international summit aims to foster collaborative innovation and showcase regional talent, plus connect local innovators, businesses and global crowdsourcing experts to build a strong foundation for the future of Africa with the theme, “The Sharing Economy – Unlocking Africa’s Potential.” It’s a ‘must-attend event’ for entrepreneurs, c-suites levels, start-ups, and non-profit organizations who would like to harness open and collaborative solutions.

You can look forward to:

  • Presentations from international and local trendsetters on innovation related themes cutting across culture, leadership, innovation project enablement, disruptive technologies and more
  • Learning from case studies and panel discussions on innovation by SA’s leading organizations and innovation managers
  • Experiencing everything-CROWD – like sourcing, funding, co-creation, collaboration and open innovation
  • Seeing innovation happen before you – watch local hackers innovatively solve our problems
  • Networking to create new connections that can help you move to the next level

See the CSW Summit Johannesburg speakers and the the full Agenda and venue details.

Tickets for the full two days of Innovation Live and CSW Summit Johannesburg are available, with reductions for fulltime students, delegates from organizations with five or fewer employees, and for orders of five or more tickets.

The final words belong to Crowdsourcing Week’s CEO, Epi Ludvik Nekaj: “Crowdsourcing as an organizational tool can lead to disruptive business implications and transformative innovations across sectors that are important for Africa to thrive in the new digital economy.”

See you there!