CSWVeniceThe feedback and stories from the SOLD OUT #CSWVenice, held March 5&6 at H Farm Ventures could be summed up in one word – “inspirational”.

One of our YAP fellows, Alessandro Cassarotti- Empleko put it perfectly,

“Inspirational. It was a stream of unique insights and experiences which I need to seed and bring back to my start-up strategy soon. For me it was the opportunity to challenge my vision on crowdsourcing and understand where Italy will lead in the near future. After two years working on Italian Open Innovation with SMEs and looking at NGOs, it was the time to breathe, share and deepen my knowledge about Italian (and non) practices in crowdsourcing. Is there a space for these practices in our market? Well I got the answer; : crowdsourcing attitude will drive the next future and disrupt day by day our daily life. I got to know experiences validating some ideas, revaluating others, withdrawing some more. Actually, I would like to put in practice right now what I learnt today. So probably it will be a night full of crowdsourcing projects. Every speaker left something on a specific point, which clarified how crowdsourcing may be applied in each side for life and it’s only day 1. Waiting for tomorrow!   

Thank you to Zooppa and H Farm Ventures for supporting us on a fantastic, completely sold-out event that will inspire Italy in the days and weeks to come. Here are the 16 most interesting tweets that summed up the 2-day Summit. Next up: Arctic Circle.

Image via H-Farm Ventures