Crowd Expedition’s Martijn Arets talks to Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week about the CSW Summit in Brussels and the collaborative movement in Europe and beyond. 

As we travel around the world, Crowdsourcing Week is adding to the conversation on crowdsourcing, open innovation while helping corporations, governments, social enterprises and non profits grasp the fundamentals of the crowd economy and apply it to their work, products and services. In Europe the collaborative economy is complex with many stakeholders and Crowdsourcing Week is keen to mobilize this movement through summits planned in Warsaw, Rome and more in addition to the European flagship event in Copenhagen, CSW Europe, from Oct 14-16

About Crowd Expedition:

Crowd Expedition is a unique two-year project in quest of the real added value of the Collaborative Economy. The Crowd Expedition team seeks, together with 25 partners and 80 experts, to answer the questions on this collaborative future. Every 3 months the Crowd Expedition team treats a new theme in order to create a vision and concrete steps on the collaborative economy’s future and its added value and potential.