Helping Millions Across the Globe Discover and Access the Sharing Economy

Written by Cat Cochrane

Mar 2, 2016


Head over to the Crowdsourcing Week Global 2016 hub for more insights, expertise and passion of the thought leaders and innovators speaking at this year’s conference. Join us 11-15 April in London for a week of fresh ideas and insights on the global Crowd Economy. Register here for exclusive pricing, available only for limited time.

As Founder of global movement, The People Who Share, Benita Matofska’s goal lies in “helping millions across the globe discover and access the Sharing Economy.” Her passion is intrinsic to assisting people to share the things they need to lead the life they want, while building a sustainable economy that serves the planet and its citizens.

Inherently disruptive, The People Who Share enables peer-to-peer activity and inspires people to build a new economy, as Benita explains, “Through Global Sharing Week, we help millions to discover and access shared goods and services. Because our mission is a social one, our performance is only enhanced by staying true to our values.”

From its launch in 2014, Global Sharing Day has expanded to a weeklong event having developed into “the world’s largest mass engagement campaign helping millions of people to discover the Sharing Economy.” Last year’s event reached over 100 million citizens worldwide with its 126 registered events.

With Global Sharing Week 2016 commencing on 11th June, Benita shares why she believes there has never been a better time for businesses to embrace the power of the crowd. “Now that people can trade directly with each other they are no longer reliant on large corporations for their goods and services,” she says. “Organisations need to embrace the crowd if they want to survive. The organisations of the future are those who embrace sharing and are co-created and co-designed by the crowd.”

Benita accepts that disruptions in previously cemented and relied upon economic systems are not without their challenges. “Maintaining a purpose and building companies that balance profit and purpose in equal measure is essential to building a sustainable economy,” she says. Of a shared economy in the digital era, Benita adds, “The greatest challenge is that purpose and mission gets overridden by profit.”

The People Who Share has grown to become recognised at the heart of the shared economy space thanks to Benita’s drive and passion. Of the single most important step she believes can help the industry embrace the crowd economy in the next five years, she says, “Purpose should be embedded at the heart of the sector and of each business. If mission and profit are equally balanced and are a dual responsibility for directors and shareholders, we can ensure that we build responsible businesses that contribute to people and planet.

Join Benita at Crowdsourcing Week Global on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in London when she will speak about Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sharing Economy but Were Afraid to Ask.

About Author

About Author

Cat Cochrane

Cat is an Editorial Partner at Crowdsourcing Week. An award-winning journalist and writer living in Glasgow, Scotland, she can share insights into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding from her time as Project Manager of Dearest Scotland, a non-profit initiative which crowdsourced letters written to the future of her homeland. Cat has worked at Service Design agency Snook, as content writer and digital editor at Tech for Good TV, a platform spotlighting ways people are building and using technology to power social change; and most recently as Communications Manager for the British Council's Creative Economy team.

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