Crowdsourcing – a phrase that has become more regular in many marketing and business conversations. But as with many movements, although it’s been talked about for years, it’s still not being fully embraced by many businesses.

It’s understandable as there are certain infrastructure changes that are needed within any company structure to be able to embrace the power of the crowd. Indeed it may well affect your product cycles or the way you conduct your yearly business strategy. These are obviously challenges as the introduce change.

However, before you approach the changes in infrastructure and logistics there are more fundamental principles that should be surfaced and discussed within the business. As is often the case, the fundamental pivots for change are often so obvious that they are frequently ignored. A great example is that your customers use your products far more frequently than you do!

I put together an infographic a while back, which I believe still stands up well for some of these fundamental principles, that point us toward the very obvious benefits of croudsourcing as an essential ingredient for business strategy.

I have posted it again, hopefully you will find it a useful reminder of some of the important pivots for change. Turn on crowd power.

Crowd sourcing infographic