Live Crowdfunding 

Venture capital investment platform MyMicroInvest will present a live crowdfunding round at the CSW Summit in Brussels on June 5, 9:50 am Brussels local time and you can participate too — from anywhere!

The live crowdfunding session will present 2 innovative start-ups to the conference attendees (also potential investors!). The audience can interact and invest live in the presented companies –all through a smartphone application. The two exciting startups that will participate in the LIVE Crowdfunding round are-

1) 2Houses, CEO & Founder Gill Ruidant

2houses is a web platform and mobile app that help separated parents communicate and become better organized for what is the most important thing in their lives: their children. With 2Houses, parents can organize custody scheduling, keep track of shared expenses and share school and medical information are some of the set of tools 2houses is offering. The platform aims to prioritize written and pre-formatted communication better than arguments over the phone!

2) Earnieland, CEO Steve

Earnieland is an Online Shopping platform where you can find the best deals and the greatest discounts in all your favorite webshops! Currently, consumers lose lot’s of time searching online for the best deals. There are many online stores. The choices are endless. It’s hard to find the best quality for the best price. A platform where you can access your favorite webshops and pay the best price. In short, a channel that aims to offer you the ultimate shopping experience.

What to expect at the LIVE Crowdfunding Round: June 5, starting at 9:50 am Brussels time

The event is filmed and broadcasted live on the web. The live steaming will begin with a presentation from Nick NM Yap, (engaging story teller and crowdfunding veteran of two successful Kickstarter campaigns, one of which has raised over a $1million), titled, “When Crowdfunding Is More Than Just Finance. How To Seek Customer-Led Innovation While Crowdsourcing?”

Jose Zurstrassen, from MyMIcroInvest, reputed serial entrepreneur and angel investor will the present the two startups. Each company has about 3 minutes to present its business and its financing needs. The audience chimes in with questions and clarifications on the project before the LIVE Crowdfunidng begins

The investments conducted by the public are displayed in real time through the projection of an investment tracker. The whole event is broadcasted live on the web to allow the Internet users to watch the presentations, ask their questions via social networks and invest from home, in the presented companies. 

The goal of the live crowdfunding is supporting the productive economy financing in the country by making investing in innovative companies more accessible. A direct, ludic and interactive relationship is created between the company and the investors’ audience, who can fully live the investment experience from a minimum of €50.

The financed companies are thoroughly selected by MyMicroInvest, and all the information related to the investments is available via the website in the information memorandums and prospectuses. Jose from MyMicroInvest says, “People can access an asset class that was formerly reserved to professional investors.” Crowdfunding represents a vast potential for the EU with the top performing crowdfunding platforms there planning expansions in the months and years to come.

Join Crowdsourcing Week and MyMicroInvest for an exciting LIVE crowdfunding event on June 5, starting at 9:50 am.

Watch the event LIVE right here and participate with questions, updates and funding!