road-to-singaporeCrowdsourcing Week and our local partners – MillionYou, Douw&Koren and ikosom are producing one-day summits in Warsaw, Amsterdam and Berlin respectively. Ahead of the global conference in Singapore in June, these summits will highlight emerging trends in crowdsourcing, open innovation and crowdfunding in Europe.

Crowdsourcing Week and MillionYou kick off proceedings with “The Future of Crowdsourcing” in Warsaw, Poland. The one day events in Amsterdam (with Douw&Koren) and Berlin (with ikosom) will focus on the “Future of Crowdfunding” and discuss best practices, tax and legal and institutional crowdfunding.

Here are the details on the event:

WARSAW – Friday, April 12th


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“The Future of Crowdsourcing ” is part of the Crowdsourcing Week 1Day-Global-Summit-Program. It’s one of the few conferences in Poland devoted solely to the potential of crowdsourcing in business and marketing. It will highlight the changes that come with the crowd revolution and show how diversely the wisdom of crowds can be used.

Using Crowdsourcing as the Power of the Crowd

Crowdsourcing can be integrated to empower entrepreneurs and organizations. Both are still fairly unknown tools in Poland, but innovative companies and platforms that promote their use have already started to emerge. The conference will also discuss the enormous potential that rests in crowdsourcing used for marketing purposes, as well as the challenges faced by the companies, which implement this kind of interaction. This event is by invite only.

For more information about the speakers and agenda please click here.

AMSTERDAM – Monday, April 15th


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Crowdfunding Day is an event for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to explore the future of crowdfunding and learn how to make best use of crowdfunding. Learn from global thought leaders and best practices.

This day brings together crowdfunding platforms and experts, start-ups, innovation managers from the public and private sector, academic researchers, marketeers, fundraisers and more. At Crowdfunding Day, you can explore the possibilities of crowdfunding for your organisation or industry, meet relevant partners and share your own experiences and insights with others.

For more information about the speakers, agenda and to register please click here.

BERLIN – Wednesday, April 17th


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“The Future of Crowdfunding“ is part of the Crowdsourcing Week 1Day-Global-Summit-Program. It‘s the first Crowdfunding conference in Berlin focussing on the long-term goals of Crowdfunding, tax and legal issues.

It brings together Crowdfunding platforms, Crowdfunding experts, innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and legislators.

Crowdinvesting and civic Crowdfunding for a better public infrastructure

While Crowdfunding is fairly established for the creative industries, the amounts are small compared to overall turnaround in the creative industries. Crowdfunding is most succesful when based on single projects, however institutional crowdfunding remains difficult.

The conference will discuss the legal and cultural challenges to make crowdfunding available for citizens in order to fund public infrastructure: bridges, buildings, theaters, museums, libraries, tv-stations, broadband-networks, schools, universities.

For more information about the speakers, agenda and to register please click here.