The first week of February has come to an end and we are summing it up as always with a selection of latest news and developments in the collaborative economy. Crowdsourcing cybersecurity, e-governance, equity crowdfunding revolution and much more!

Pioneering in E-governance

Estonia shows potential to give the world a good lesson about innovation and collaboration. The country turns into a cyberstate by moving its government functions online and offering enticing opportunities for businesses. Anybody around the world can become Estonian e-resident and due to such move Estonia’s population is expected to grow exponentially. At least online. 

‘Techie Next Door’

Customers are willing to share tips and assist each other. And this is “the future of customer support”, as Vodafone Germany claims by changing its tech support policy. As new devices get more and more complex, it is the easiest to delegate consultancy to Vodafone Support Friends.

Amazon in Crowdfunding

Can Amazon deal with troubles that consumers have when ordering on crowdfunding platforms? Long waiting time is the most topical one. Many highly anticipated products, such as the Pebble, Clip, Galileo couldn’t be delivered on time.  While customers are waiting, new and more cutting-edge designs are developed. Amazon might have a solution.

Community, Community, Community

Crowdsourcing content for online media is a proven success: The LAD Bible has 26m unique monthly brow­sers. Media run by millennials stands out for its simple and effective approach. Just let the community lead! More about skyrocketing numbers of followers and readers, which leaves Facebook and Buzzfeed behind, is here

We Have.. Too Much Money!

What to do if your campaign has been overfunded? @JonasGyalokay shares lessons he learnt after his Airtame campaign became the highest-funded ever on European Indiegogo. Recovering after shock of huge support means starting hard work to meet expectations of the backers.

Equity Crowdfunding Revolution

 Is equity crowdfunding going mainstream? Could it become next hot subject in business academies?  TV station CNBC and Crowdnetic are collaborating to release a new crowdfinance index, which will give investors how-to guide and track latest developments. Learn more about this “sea change”  here

Crowdsourcing Cybersecurity

The American government might outsource cybersecurity duties to regular Internet users. More than that, it would hire “white hat hackers” to join efforts. There are already quite a few  companies that tout themselves as “crowdsourcing cybersecurity” and seem to be attractive for Silicon Valley venture capitalists. Protecting cyberspace in such way might not be that crazy after all..


Image via Wired.com

What else caught your eye this week? Came across some breaking news or a good thought piece? Tell us in the comments!