Here is our weekly roundup of latest updates in collaborative economy and crowdsourcing. Why crowdfunding is good for venture capitalists, what to expect from bitcoins, how to use crowdsourcing for brands and much more in this week’s edition.

 Sharing Economy & Marketing

Consumers change their roles and become co-creators of products. This is the way to make them loyal to brands as they have invested their time and efforts. Read why sharing economy is a big win for brands.

Opening the Lighthouse

Lighthouse, the bitcoin-powered crowdfunding application, has officially launched. Read here how it can build the “case” for Bitcoin.

Gender Issue

Only 17% of companies that raise money through crowdfunding have women on the founding team. For every nine men raising equity financing to start and scale their businesses, only one woman does. Yet, there is a way to change these numbers.

Women can be investors too..

CIOs and Tecnology

Technology drives change in the way offices function. CIOs can embrace it and foster collaboration. Employees succeed while CIOs elevate their role in the process.

Crowdfunded Moon Exhibit

Fancy a dinner with an astronaut with space ice cream for dessert? Help the Adler Planetarium in Chicago to raise $95,000.

Read how planetarium reaches out for funds

Venture Capitalists Choose Crowdfunding

Venture capitalists benefit from using crowdfunding platforms. They don’t have to waste time on unclear bad deals anymore. More reasons?

Time to Innovate

Alert for clean technology entrepreneurs: there has never been a better time to innovate.


Bitcoin image via Flickr