Hyperconnectivity and disruption—every sector today is experiencing these powerful forces, and yet crowd-powered tools, platforms and approaches are still underutilized because of the lack of knowledge to maximize them. Traditional companies can already feel the dent like the breaking story of San Francisco’s biggest Taxi Co-op Yellow Cab filing bankruptcy this week in the “home turf” of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

One of the great challenges facing companies today is the adverse effect of disruption across sectors, and the fourth annual Crowdsourcing Week Global conference will delve into these challenges and help companies understand the massive opportunities in the current crowdsourcing landscape. Competitive mindset is over; we are in the era of collaboration where trust is the new currency.

But when we hear the phrase “era of collaboration,” what does it really mean? How can organizations stay competitive and innovative at the same time when disruptive business models are stunting incumbent systems? Should they be embraced? How can customers become co-creators and co-innovators? What is the role of crowdsourcing across sectors now that we are transitioning into a more open, collaborative and data-driven world?

With the theme “Great Challenges, Massive Opportunities” Crowdsourcing Week Global 2016 participants will learn the value of crowdsourcing, discover the great challenges across sectors and the crowd-driven approaches that leverage them into opportunities that will be mutually beneficial for organizations, consumers, and communities.

Participants will learn:

  • Why sharing is much more valuable than shares.
  • Challenges in using collective intelligence tools and how organizations should deal with them.
  • How the mobile Internet and Blockchain are changing everything about how we operate across commerce, finance, cities and society
  • How you can generate new avenues of participatory revenue, tap into participatory business models, and engage and empower participation in communities.
  • How human social patterns have changed when trust is leveraged as a new social currency.
  • And more…

Entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers and executives aiming to understand the core principles of crowdsourcing and capitalize on this global movement can benefit from joining us in London. Every challenge that organizations face is an opportunity for a big change (and growth). NOW is the perfect time to step onto a mountain of possibilities and turn your organization’s vision into reality with the crowd.

Starting January 8, 2016, CSW Global 2016 tickets are on sale! Click here to get the best deal.