Wil Merritt: Is Crowdsourcing Content the Future of Advertising

Written by Ramon Nuez

Jul 24, 2012

Can you believe it?! This is our 3rd CrowdChat and we have a number of industry experts lined-up for future chats.

Who Is Wil Merritt?

Crowdsourcing WeekToday Wil is the CEO at Zooppa.com. And he has an extensive career in the marketing and advertising space. Merritt spent an impressive 18 years with Time Warner, Inc and 4 years at the Corbis Corporation before finding himself at Zooppa.

What I find most intriguing is the time he spent as a Senior Vice President for the Corbis Corporation. This is a company that is a Bill Gates wholly owned private digital media company.

Why does this interest me — because Corbis has a collection of over 100 million photographic images. I not only love photography but I am an aspiring professional photographer. But enough of me rambling on — here are the CrowdChat details and questions we will be asking Will Merritt.


Party Details

Twitter Questions

Q1. Wil Merritt please tell us a bit about yourself? #crowdchat

Q2. You’ve worked many years in t/ media & technology industries. What’s been t/ single most important advancement? #crowdchat

Q3. What is Zooppa & why is it t/ first global user-generated advertising social network? #crowdchat

Q4. How does Zooppa manage a brands open call for creative entries? #crowdchat

Q5. How does creative crowdsourcing improve content, awareness & audience engagement? #crowdchat

Q6. Why is it important for brands to keep t/ campaign simple & not add too many technical requirements? #crowdchat

Q7. Why is it important for brands to not drastically change t/ terms of t/ campaign after it’s been launched? #crowdchat

Q8. Should a brand be concerned that t/ reward being offered may undercut t/ value of t/ work being produced? #crowdchat

Q9. When a brand promotes its creative brief – should it have dedicated social channels for such a campaign? #crowdchat

Q10. Once the campaign has ended – should the brand continue to engage the participants? #crowdchat

Call To Action

I hope you can join us. If you can not join us — you can follow the conversation by using the hashtag #crowdchat on Twitter.

About Author

About Author

Ramon Nuez

Ramon Nuez is a founder, fine arts photographer, digital artist, writer and wannabe harmonica player.

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