CSW Summit Arctic Circle 2017

Luleå 15-16 March | Vuollerim 16-19 March


Travel to the Arctic Circle with Crowdsourcing Week in the exotic remoteness of Swedish Lapland. Discover new solutions for growth and sustainability through the CSW Summit program, focused on local crowd movements and innovative business for the common good. The summit will combine speaker keynotes with live-case studies and workshops, connecting you with the latest ideas and best practices in crowdsourcing and crowd innovation globally. Participants will explore, share and deepen their understanding across crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, impact investment, sharing economy and neighborhood economics. CSW Summit Arctic Circle takes place in partnership with Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You.

Who Should Attend?

Business and community changemakers
Government and community planners
Local capital and digital currency innovators
Corporate teams
Civic Innovators


Our speakers are open Internet pioneers, enterprise leaders, and disruptive innovators who understand the fundamental shift towards the new crowd economy.

Albin Ponnert
Anna Ståhlbröst

Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Carolina Salazar
Emmi Kaipio
Erik Vesterlund

Erik Vesterlund

More speakers confirmed for CSW Arctic Circle Summit in March

Eva-Lena Skalstad

Gabriella Lönngren

Gabriella Lönngren

Hanna Wallo

Hanna Wallo

Helena Karlberg
Inger Pedersen
Jonathan Mattebo Persson
Kaj Embren
Karin Eksvärd

Karin Eksvärd

Leke Zherka

Lekë Zherka

Lewis Horne
Matz Engman
Michael Stenmark

Michael Stenmark

Iron and Steel Give Way to Data Centres as the Capital of Northern Sweden Transforms to a Sustainable Future
Per Clingweld

Per Clingweld

Crowdsourcing projects extend 'international branding' for Sweden

Samar Singla

Sofie Skalstad

Svante Axelsson

Thomas Norrby

Thomas Norrby

Tim Linhart

Tim Linhart

Victoria Bengtsson


Luleå, 15-16 March

Learn from a variety of summit sessions including keynotes, master classes, and interactive breakouts in Luleå.

Venue: Luleå University of Technology, Conference Room A117 in Section A
971 87 Luleå

Vuollerim, 16-17 March

Conference sessions continue in Vuollerim, a village where there are several living examples of community crowdsourced businesses.

Venue: Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, Bodenvägen 9, 960 30 Vuollerim

Arctic Expedition, 18-19 March

Continue deepening conversations and learning together with arctic lifestyle experiences.

Venue: Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, Bodenvägen 9, 960 30 Vuollerim


11:00am | Registration

12:00pm | Buffet lunch

1:00pm | Why Crowdsourcing Week in Arctic Circle?
Niklas Nordström, Mayor of Luleå

1:15pm | Global Pulse of Crowdsourcing. Are You Ready for the Second Wave?
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week

1:40pm | The Bridge Between California and the Nordics
Kaj Embren, Neighborhood Economics

2pm | Cross industrial innovation through crowdsourcing
Emmi Kaipio, CEO of Nordic Innovation Accelerator 

2:25pm | Green business opportunities in Northern Sweden – community shares,
equity crowdfunding or venture capital
Inger E Pedersen, Project manager and business advisor Energikontor Norr

2:45pm | Coffee Break & Networking

3:15pm | Opportunities and Challenges of Crowdsourcing for Smart Regions
Anna Ståhlbröst, Luleå University of Technology, LTU

3:35pm | Design Thinking Process & Crowd Innovation
Carolina Salazar, Founder of Design Thinking Institute

3:55pm | Participatory Urban and Rural Design
Victoria Bengtsson, The Foodprint Lab

4:15pm | PANEL: Crowdsourcing for Smart City and Region Development
Moderator: Helena Karlberg
Panelists: Anna Ståhlbröst, Inger E Pedersen, Niklas Nordström, Epi Ludvik, Emmi Kaipio, Carolina Salazar

4:45pm | Closing Remarks
Epi Ludvik Nekaj

5:15pm | Bus to the Makerspace of Ice instruments

5:30pm | Makerspace for Ice Concert Instruments (Outdoors)
Tim Linhart – Innovator & Creator of Ice Music 
Location: Vetenskapens hus, Storgatan 53, 972 31 Luleå

6:15pm | Dinner
Presentation of Ice Music
Tim Linhart – Innovator & Creator of Ice Music
Location: Vetenskapens hus, Storgatan 53, 972 31 Luleå



8:30am | Coffee & Registration

9am | Opening, Highlights of Yesterday’s Outcomes and Introducing Today’s Programme
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week

9:15am | The Roadmap of Fossil Free Sweden 
Svante Axelsson – National Coordinator, Fossil Free Sweden

9:35am | Connecting Smart Cities with Crowdsourcing
Samar Singla, Founder of Jugnoo, India

9:55am | Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding Campaign
Hanna Wallo, Co-founder Wyilda af Norden, Haparanda

10:10am | Coffee Break

10:30am | Electric car Start-Up Uniti Sweden AB exceeded their equity-crowdfunding campaign target after 36 hours
Introduction: Matz Engman from Luleå Näringliv
Speaker: Lewis Horne, Founder of UNITI

11am | COLAB SESSION: Job Creation and Sustainable Growth
Co-Creation of a White Paper

Thomas Norrby, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

11:55am | PANEL: Second Wave of Crowd Economy is Here – Are We Ready?
Moderator: Thomas Norrby
Panelists: Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Niklas Nordström,Eva-Lena Skalstad, Epi Ludvik, Lewis Horne, Samar Singla, Svante Axelsson

12:30pm | Lunch

1:30pm | Departure by bus to Vuollerim from Luleå
Welcome remarks in the bus by Vuollerim team (Colab Session)


3:45pm | Arrival in Vuollerim village
Outdoor energy booster. Introduction to the Village Vuollerim

4:45pm | Check in at Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, a crowdsourced hotel with 152 owners

6:30pm | House-jumping dinner
A local tradition



8:30am | Coffee & Registration

9am | Crowdsourcing, Sharing Economy and Job Creation in Rural Areas
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and CEO of Crowdsourcing Week

9:15am | Connecting Smart Cities with Crowdsourcing
Samar Singla, Founder of Jugnoo, India

9:35am | How Can A Makerspace Help Discover Your Talents and Future Skills?
Lekë Zherka, CEO of BONEVET Makerspace, Kosovo

9:55am | Crowdsourcing – A Game Changer for the Game Industry
Michael Stenmark, Arctic Game Lab

10:20am | Not Excluded But Exclusive – Migration and integration – Refugee App
Per Clingweld, Chief Marketing Officer of Just Arrived

10:35am | Coffee Break

10:55am | How much can a Village do with its own resources. And how can you run a crowd-based hotel with 152 co-owners?
Eva-Lena Skalstad

11:20am | Focusing on Common Good Development and Entrepreneurship
Success factors for common good collaboration and development
Karin Eksvärd and Gabriella Lönngren, Common Good Academy

11:50am | Lunch

1.15pm | Changemakers’ Room – CSW Live Stream Session: selected practical examples for cities and rural areas
Moderator: Kaj Embren
– Smarta Kartan, Smart Map, Jonathan Mattebo Persson
– Solar Farm Luleå, Per Holmkvist

– Young Artist Challenge The Urban Norm, Sofie Skalstad
– Local Food Nodes, Albin Ponnert
– A Marine Craft Usable For All, Erik Vesterlund

2:15pm | COLAB SESSION: Job Creation and Sustainable Growth
Co-Creation of a White Paper
Thomas Norrby, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

3:45pm | Coffee Break

4pm | PANEL: Digging into the future Expectation of Change – Where Do We Go from Here?
Moderator: Kaj Embren
Panelists: Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Epi Ludvik, Thomas Norrby, Lekë Zherka, Samar Singla, Michael Stenmark, Elin Johnson

4:30pm | Closing Remarks


8:30am | Breakfast

11am | Optional: Arctic Circle Experience with outdoor lunch.
To inquire about pricing and to pre-book, contact Eva-Lena at [email protected]. Participants can pick from the following:

  1. A unique possibility to meet forest sami people and their reindeers
  2. Ice fishing
  3. Snowmobiling
  4. Snowboarding or cross-country skiing

2pm | Optional Sauna

6pm | Tepee dinner and conversations around the open fire
Keys for common good deepening conversations



9am | Breakfast and closing conversations – What’s ahead?

10am | Departure to Luleå Airport

Register now. Space Is Limited!



Tickets are non-refundable. To upgrade your existing ticket or transfer your ticket to another name, email [email protected].

Gain Crowd-Driven Insights, Connections & Perspectives.


Gain practical knowledge from the world’s top crowd practitioners, platforms & experts.


Get valuable insights on the growth opportunities being driven by the crowd, and what the shift means for your industry.



Built-in networking sessions with like-minded peers connect you with Europe’s leading innovators.


Build a roadmap for using crowdsourcing to accelerate your organization’s goals

Travel Information

Why Luleå and Vuollerim?

Both Luleå and Vuollerim are leaders with good reference in both local and global thinking, from Luleå’s ice culture arena to Facebook’s datacenter investment. Vuollerim, a 800 people rural village with 60 businesses, 40 NGOs and 7 crowd-based companies. Also with a record on sustainability and climate change, the region’s focus on people, planet and innovation make it an excellent host for CSW Summit Arctic Circle.


How to Get Here:

Airport: Luleå Airport, just 1 hour flying time from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
Train station: Luleå or Murjek, overnight train from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The team at Vuollerim can arrange transfer from either the train station or the airport. Let them know more about your travel plans so we can assist you in the best way.

“I felt like I got a year of learning in just 3 days.”


“Fascinating talks… on everything from Smart Cities to the Sharing Economy.”


“An unparalleled ‘knowledge base’ to be transformed by each of us into actionable insights.”


“Like TED… but specifically for the technology and social space”


“By listening to practical examples from other organisations I got new ideas for how my organisation can do things better and differently.”


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