Will Crowds 3.0 be Robots?

Bram Vanderborght

Robotics has the potential to turn societal challenges like ageing and heath care costs in economic opportunities. The forecasted markets in advanced robotics are probably becoming bigger than the current internet. This technological revolution is fueled by the availability of cheap processing power and rapid prototyping machines. Hardware becomes the new software. To what extent will robotics turn societal challenges into new marketplace opportunities? During this talk, Dr Bram Vanderborght, Professor in Robotics & Multibody Mechanics, shares with us interesting examples on human-robot interaction and examines our machine future.

You will learn:
– What is the potential of robotics to turn societal challenges into economic opportunities?
– The future of hardware
– What are the main obstacles faced by robots today?

Oct 20, 2015

17:20 - 17:40

Chancellery Auditorium



Bram Vanderborght