The Crowd Economy is exploding and the front runners in crowd innovation are truly changing the dynamic of this decade. Who are these influencers that have adopted crowd-driven approaches to solve challenges in business, government and social enterprise?  How can we get to know them, hear their stories and follow their vision?Enter our #CROWD411 list of 411 top-notch thinkers and doers Read more
 More good news coming: we have selected a second round of YAP fellows to participate in CSW Venice Summit! These brilliant young minds will join the change makers of our YAP initiative and become a part of an aspiring community in the crowd economy. Let’s introduce you to the new members of our YAP family!The Read more
Wow! We’re already on the 58th day of 2015 and as we count the days ahead, news on crowdsourcing keep on churning day by day. We sure hope you’ve already made up your mind with the viral topic on the color of this dress that has shaken the crowd on the Internet. As part of our Read more
 Pebble Watch! What can I say, this company is a poster child for what we are trying to do at Crowdsourcing Week. Here is a company that has truly embedded crowds into its organizational DNA and the results are there for everyone to see. ICYMI Pebble Watch is raising a second round on Kickstarter, three years Read more
 This week’s CSW Summit Jakarta was a great success with a packed audience that soaked in very relevant topics on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.  Jakarta is the first of a 4-city tour on the road to Crowdsourcing Week Global 2015, the largest global meet on the crowd economy, taking place April 20-24 in Singapore this year.The event, hosted by Startup Lokal Read more
Real leaders are readers. Do you agree? To jumpstart the second-half of  February, we’ve scouted these 12 crowdsourcing books every innovator should read to keep abreast on the industry, including crowdfunding, open-innovation, crowd economy, collaborative consumption, and everything in-between. Nothing beats our investment in reading great books, whether for personal or business development. And as Francis Read more
Drumroll please! We are pleased to announce the first round of successful YAP candidates who will join us at CSW Summit in Venice, March 5 & 6. The Young Achievers Program is a very special initiative that is dear to us at Crowdsourcing Week. After a very successful pilot at CSW Europe (here and here), we Read more
It’s not easy to do a short news roundup, when the world is buzzing with records on crowdfunding and innovative ideas on crowdsourcing arising everyday. Yet, it’s the end of the week and it’s time to make a gist of what caught our eye this week in economics, politics and… time machine construction!Singapore opens the Read more
A famous ancient poet Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central banking authority of the country, releasing a consultation paper that outlines proposals of security based crowdfunding is a significant step towards a disruptive investment journey that will benefit startups Read more
 Clash of Civilizations. It has been in headlines for ages. Now we can observe a new global clash. A conservative vs. inventive mindset. Innovation vs. the comfortable old “business as usual.” The “usual” has been disrupted and won’t stay the same. Not in our collaborative era.In his recent blog post, Linear vs. Exponential, Peter Diamandis Read more
We hope you’re not caught up with today’s triskaidekaphobia bug. And before the midnight strikes, an advance Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Weekend is coming, and as part of our weekly digest, here’s a roundup of news about crowdsourced security threats, traffic information, corporate crowdsourcing and innovation, healthcare and more.Crowdsourced security threats: the antidote to cyber attacks?Hot-off Read more
In another sign that the crowd economy has arrived – we are seeing the launch of a payment system that will replace antiquated banks and financial instruments that were a hindrance to the new economy and the future of work. Transpay is making it easier than ever for businesses to transfer funds worldwide in a matter Read more
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