CSW Arctic // Europe 2018


Luleå 20-22 March | Vuollerim 22-24 March


Travel to the Arctic Circle with Crowdsourcing Week in the exotic remoteness of Swedish Lapland. CSW Arctic // Europe 2018 will bring the latest developments in crowdsourcing to centre stage, focusing around trending topics such as Finance, ICO’s & Green Bonds, Energy & Sustainability, Innovation and CrowdGaming, Agriculture, Farming, Travel & Tourism in the Sharing Economy.

European and other international speakers from US and Asia will gather in Luleå & Vuollerim during this 5-day conference to share how crowdsourcing is shaping their industries and is transforming organizations today. Participants will have the chance to connect with top experts in crowdsourcing and crowd innovation.

Don’t miss out!

Who Should Attend?

Business and community changemakers



Government and community planners



Local capital and digital currency innovators

Corporate teams

Civic Innovators

Why Attend?

Meet Global crowd experts

Interact with the best minds in ideas, innovation and creativity as we come together for five days of collective knowledge sharing. Our speakers are crowd leaders and disruptive innovators who can help you thrive in the new collaborative economy.

Be where you need to be

If your organization is seeking digital transformation, you must be there and engage with thought leaders and practitioners in the business sector. Participate as a leader in the crucial conversations that can help you boost your bottom line.

Make a real impact

We’re paving the transition to a more open and crowd-centered economy. Do you believe in collaboration and co-creation for a better world? Want to bring about meaningful change? Attend CSW Arctic // Europe 2018 and start to make a difference.

Explore the Arctic

Untouched nature, the captivating Northern Lights, traditional teepee dinners, and dog-sledding – join us on an Arctic adventure in the quiet wilderness of two unique Swedish locations deep in the Arctic Circle: Luleå and Vuollerim.


Our speakers are open Internet pioneers, enterprise leaders, and disruptive innovators who understand the fundamental shift towards the new crowd economy.



Adrian Walker

Anna Chojnacka

Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn

Bo Krogvig

Chiara Certoma

Chiara Certomà


Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist

Countdown to CSW Summit Washington DC

Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Helianti Hilman


Johan Wenngren

Kaj Embren

Maxine Ghavi

Michael Stenmark

Michael Stenmark

Niklas Nordstrom

Pedro Oliveira

Omar Rahim

Crowdsourcing projects extend 'international branding' for Sweden

Samar Singla

Sara Green Brodersen

Stéphanie Boue


StJohn Deakins

Crowdsourcing will hot up in the Swedish Arctic

Tammi M. Spring

Thomas Norrby
Tom Pitchon

Tom Pitchon

Tom Vollmer


Xavier Damman

ice music sweden
crowdsourcing week summit sweden 2018


Luleå, 20-22 March

Learn from a variety of summit sessions including keynotes, master classes, and interactive breakouts in Luleå.

Venue: Luleå University of Technology, Conference Room A117 in Section A
971 87 Luleå

Vuollerim, 22-23 March

Conference sessions continue in Vuollerim, a village where there are several living examples of community crowdsourced businesses.

Venue: Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, Bodenvägen 9, 960 30 Vuollerim

Arctic Expedition, 24 March

Continue deepening conversations and learning together with arctic lifestyle experiences.

Venue: Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, Bodenvägen 9, 960 30 Vuollerim


6:00pm | Welcome to Luleå
Niklas Nordström, Mayor of City of Luleå

6:15pm | Welcome to CSW Arctic // Europe 2018
Epi Ludvik, Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing Week

6:20pm | Trust – The Nordic Gold
Johan Tiedemann, Deputy Head of Nordic Council

6:35pm | Evening Program & Entertainment


8:30am | Coffee & Registration

9:00am | DECENTRALIZATION – What Does it Mean?
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing Week

9:20am | The New Network Economy
Niklas Nordström, Mayor of City of Luleå

09:40am | sbv IMPROVER: an industry initiative to harness the wisdom of the crowd in science
Stephanie Boue, Manager Scientific Transparency & Verification, Philip Morris International / sbv IMPROVER

10:00am | Interactive Session

10:20am | Crowdsourcing as an employment provider
Birgitta Bergvall-Kareborn, Official Headmaster, Lulea Technology University (LTU)

10:40am | Speeding up Last-mile Delivery with Artificial Intelligence
Samar Singla, CEO & Co-Founder, Jungo

11:00am | Coffee Break

11:20am | How to Finance Communities in Full Transparency? 
Xavier Damman, Founder, OpenCollective

12:00pm | Panel # 1: Crowdsourcing Shaping Our Mindset – from Investment to Creation of Shared Value
Moderator: Johanna Balogh, Piteå Science Park
Panelists: Stephanie Boue, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Samar Singla, Epi Ludvik, Sara Green Brodersen

12:45pm | Lunch

2:00pm |
Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainability & Public Affairs, SSAB – Swedish Steel Industry

2:20pm | Great Ideas Travel Without Passport The Secrets of Creative Content Crowdsourcing
Tom Vollmer, Head of Sales & Internalization, Cosmic People

2:35pm | Unlocking the Potential of the Microgrids through Smart Coordination and Automation
M Maxine Ghavi, Program Director Microgrid,  ABB Management Service Ltd

2:50pm | Much Ado About Nothing? Crowdsourcing for Public Governance in the European R&I Context
Chiara Certoma, MSCA Researcher and Director, Ghent University / IRTA

3:05pm | Empowering User Trust in the Sharing Economy
Sara Green Brodersen, CEO, Deemly

3:20pm | Reducing Global Energy Demand by Incentivising Energy-Saving Behavior
Omar Rahim, Founder & CEO, EnergiMine

3:35pm | Coffee Break

4:00pm | Harnessing Crowd Power for Good Through Football
Tom Pitchon, Foundation Director, City Football Group

4:15pm | Panel #2: The New Network Economy – Impact Investment for a Sustainable Society
Moderator: Kaj Embrén, CEO, CSW Europe
Panelist: Niklas Nordström, Xavier Damman, M Maxine Ghavi, Anna Chojnacka

5:00pm | Turn Your Purpose Into Action
Anna Chojnacka, Founder, GoodUP

5:20pm | Vuollerim by the Arctic Circle- A Practical Example of Crowdsourcing and Social Village Capital
Eva-Lena Skalstad & Audun Otterbech, Lapland Vuollerim

5:35pm | Entrepreneurship: The Bliss Or Doom Of Future Employment?
Dmitri Sarle, Founder & CEO, ArcticStartup

6:00pm | Dinner and Entertainment Program


8:30am | Coffee & Registration

9:00am | DECENTRALIZATION – What Does it Mean?
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing Week

9:10am | 5 Myths of Open Innovation
Tammi Spring, Director, Glider

10:10am |
Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, SVCA, Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

10:30am | Data is the New Water (Not Oil)
StJohn Deakins, Founder & CEO, CitizenMe

10:50am | Crowds and Co-Located Innovation – A Perfect Mix?
Åsa Ericson & Johan Wenngren, Informations systems and dep for Effective Innovation and Organisation, Luleå University of Technology

11:05am | Coffee Break

11:20am | How to build a Learning Society? A City Model for the Future Trondheim City and its University – NTNU – Take on New Challenges
Workshop: Digital Learning Process Wise Regions/Wise Places
Facilitator:Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Consultant & Kristian Mjoen, Project Manager, City of Trondhiem (Zoom), Trondhiem City

12:00pm | Panel # 3
Moderator: Thomas Norrby & Bert-Ola Bergstrand
Panelists: Åsa Minoz, Elisabeth Thand-Ringqvist, Niklas Nordström, Tammi Spring, Thomas Hörnfeldt

12:45pm | Lunch

2:00pm | Bus to Vuollerim



3:35pm | Arrival in Vuollerim village
Outdoor energy booster. Introduction to the Village Vuollerim

4:00pm | ARCTIC OPEN GAME 2018

5:00pm | Relax at the Hotel

6:30pm | Dinner


8:30am | Coffee & Registration

9:00am | DECENTRALIZATION – What Does it Mean?
Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing Week

9:40am | Transition to Living Local Economies – Through Village Action
Ylva Lundkvist Fridh, Coordinator, Rural Sweden, Hela Sverige Ska Leva

10:00am | SKYPE Talk: Empowering Farmers By Turning Them Into Entrepreneurs
Helianti Hilman, Founder & CEO, JAVARA

10:15am | The New Age of Games – How New Life Came to a Dying Genre
Michael Stenmark, Founder, Arctic Game Lab

11:05am | Coffee &Break

11:20am | Can the Sharing Economy be Exchanged by a Swapping Economy? An Example with Boats.
Adrian Walker, Founder, Boataffair

11:40am | The “Meraki people” Inspired by Blue Economy Dr Gunter Pauli – Revitalising Rural Villages as Organic Communities
Christiana Gardikioti, Founder, Meraki People

12:00pm | Skype Talk
Jimale Mohamed, Founder, Ari.farm

12:45pm | Lunch

2:00pm | Mining and Sustainable Development
Bo Krogvig, Senior VP Communication & Public Affairs, LKAB

2:20pm | How to Build a Learning Society? A Regional Model for the Future CASE: Trondheim City and its University – NTNU – Take on New Challenges
Workshop: Digital Learning Process Wise Regions/Wise Places
Part One Facilitator: Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Consultant & Kristian Mjoen, Project Manager, City of Trondhiem (Zoom)

3:35pm | Coffee Break

4:00pm | How to Build a Learning Society? A Regional Model for the Future CASE: Trondheim City and its University – NTNU – Take on New Challenges
Workshop: Digital Learning Process Wise Regions/Wise Places
Part Two Moderator: Bert-Ola Bergstrand & Thomas Norrby Panelists: Ylva Lundkvist, Christiana Gardikioti, Michael Stenmark, Vuollerim work

5:00pm | Where Are We Heading and How Do We Get There? Reflecting on Powers and Tools
Thomas Norrby, Continuing Education Specialist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

5:40pm | Skype Talk: Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing in the Digital Age: Birds, Bees, Brains —> A Sustainable & Healthy Planet
Geoffrey Haines-Stiles, Producer/director, Carl Sagan’s original COSMOS series (1980), producer/writer THE CROWD & THE CLOUD (2017)

 6:30pm | Dinner and Entertainment Program



8:30am | Breakfast

9:00am | Vuollerim Experience 

3:00pm | Sauna (Arctic Style)

7:00pm | Teepee Dinner

9:30pm | Northern Light Walk

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NOTE: Expedition tours are NOT included in the ticket and must be booked in advance with Vuollerim Tourism Office

Travel Information

Why Luleå and Vuollerim?

Both Luleå and Vuollerim are leaders with good reference in both local and global thinking, from Luleå’s ice culture arena to Facebook’s datacenter investment. Vuollerim, a 800 people rural village with 60 businesses, 40 NGOs and 7 crowd-based companies. Also with a record on sustainability and climate change, the region’s focus on people, planet and innovation make it an excellent host for CSW Arctic // Europe 2018.


How to Get Here:

Airport: Luleå Airport, just 1 hour flying time from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.
Train station: Luleå or Murjek, overnight train from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The team at Vuollerim can arrange transfer from either the train station or the airport. Let them know more about your travel plans so we can assist you in the best way.


Clarion Hotel Sense is a first-class business hotel which inspires first-class meetings, in the heart of Lulea. The city’s culture, entertainment, dining and shopping is just around the corner.
Group number: 12344 Please note that these reservations can be made only by email or telephone (+46 920450450)

clarion-hotelSpecial rates:
Single: SEK 1,298/night
Double: SEK 1,498/night

Elite Hotel – this classic hotel, dating back to 1903, has a majestic entrance hall and an impressive banquet room in a French Renaissance style, and is situated in the centre of Luleå. It has resplendent rooms, a gym, restaurant, gastropub and parking.

case-elitehotels1Book here for special rates:
Single: SEK 910/night
Double: SEK 1,110/night

“I felt like I got a year of learning in just 3 days.”


“Fascinating talks… on everything from Smart Cities to the Sharing Economy.”


“An unparalleled ‘knowledge base’ to be transformed by each of us into actionable insights.”


“Like TED… but specifically for the technology and social space”


“By listening to practical examples from other organisations I got new ideas for how my organisation can do things better and differently.”



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