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Join Crowdsourcing Week at a variety of conferences and summits on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and the crowd economy across the globe. Meet peers and learn from the foremost pioneers of crowd innovation and collaboration at the annual week-long CSW Global and CSW Europe conferences or a one-day CSW Summit in a city near you!

CSW Global

5-day conference for global conversations on the Crowd Economy. Digitally-minded professionals from over 50 countries gather to network and explore the tools and tactics at the frontier of the new economy.

CSW Europe

Europe’s major crowd economy 5-day conference explores the best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across industries.

CSW Summits

1- or 2-day summits that focus on local conversations on 1-2 relevant crowd economy topics. We work with partners around the world to host CSW Summits for localized audiences.  Want to bring a CSW Summit to your country? Apply to be a Country Host.

Past Conferences & Summits

CSW Summit Seattle

When: 5 October, 2017
Where: SIFF Film Center, Seattle, WA 98109

CSW Summit // D.C.

When: 15 June, 2017
Where: Washington, D.C.

CSW Arctic Circle 2017

When: 15 - 19 March, 2017
Where: Lulea, Sweden

CSW Europe 2016

When: 21 - 25 November, 2016
Where: Brussels, Belgium

CSW Summit Bangalore

When: 10 September, 2016
Where: Bangalore

CSW Summit Johannesburg

When: 23 - 24 June, 2016
Where: Johannesburg

CSW Summit Tehran

When: 20 May, 2016
Where: Tehran

CSW Global 2016

When: 11 - 15 April, 2016
Where: London

CSW Europe 2015

When: 19 - 23 October, 2015
Where: Brussels, Belgium

CSW Summit Gjakova

When: 1 October, 2015
Where: Bonevet, Gjakovë

CSW Summit Geneva

When: 26 May, 2015
Where: Uptown Geneva

CSW Global 2015

When: 20 - 24 April, 2015
Where: Genexis Theatre, Singapore

CSW Summit Manila

When: 18 March, 2015
Where: Taguig City, Philippines

CSW Summit Arctic Circle

When: 12 - 13 March, 2015
Where: Vuollerim, Sweden

CSW Summit Venice 2015

When: 5 - 6 March, 2015
Where: H-Farm Ventures, Venice

CSW Summit Jakarta

When: 25 February, 2015
Where: TelkomJakarta, Indonesia

CSW Europe 2014

When: 14 - 16 October, 2014
Where: IT University of Copenhangen, Denmark

CSW Summit Warsaw

When: 23 September, 2014
Where: MillionYou

CSW Summit Brussels

When: 5 - 6 June, 2014
Where: Brussels, Belgium

CSW Global 2014

When: 7 - 11 April, 2014
Where: Genexis Theatre, Singapore

CSW Summit London

When: 14 October, 2013
Where: Westbourne Studios, London

CSW Global 2013

When: 3 - 7 June, 2013
Where: Singapore

CSW Summit Berlin

When: 17 April, 2013
Where: Ikosom

CSW Summit Amsterdam

When: 15 April, 2013
Where: Douw & Koren

CSW Summit Warsaw

When: 12 April, 2013
Where: MillionYou